Monday, April 6, 2020

Kashmiri YouTubers in Internet blackout: From inspiration to depression

“I have dreams where I’m using Internet. That feeling is surreal – but as soon as I wake up, I realize we are still locked down.”
BJP Illustration

The Dilemma of Being BJP’s Kashmiri Muslim Karyakartas

Srinagar: Sitting across each other in a room, two Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) Kashmiri Muslim workers debate their dilemmas of being part of BJP...
Jaundice story

Authorities’ negligence puts a neighborhood in hospital

"This is the mercy of the government – it’s their gift for us. They made us drink dirty water; Mehraj fell ill because of it.”
no internet

How young Kashmiris are losing jobs due to Internet gag?

"I saw the lay-offs coming in the shutdown as the operations of Internet-based businesses lost its mode of survival - Internet.”
Trans women

In Kashmir clampdown, trans women face new challenges

Every wedding season, at an average, Shabnam Subhan would earn about 60-70 thousand in six months and would rely on it for the rest of the year. This season, she hasn’t earned even 10 per cent of it.

TIMELINE | Civilian Bloodshed in Kashmir Under PDP-BJP Govt

At the stroke of the midnight hour, when India slept, Kashmir would awake to blood and wails. On 1 March 2015, Mufti Mohammed Syed...

Widowed mother stares at her dead son’s name – in blood, on mirror

In a dark tiny room, where a six-ft person can bang head on the ceiling, sits a widowed mother wiping her tears; a young,...

Burhan, alive from grave

On an evening of October 2010, he stopped his bike on a CRPF check-post for routine scrutiny. Unknown to the forthcoming mayhem, security personnel...
Burhan Wani's grave in Tral, a few meters away from his home. Photograph by Vikar Syed

“Abuji, I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfill your promise”

By Muda Tariq and Tamana Qari “Abu ji, I’m sorry I couldn’t fulfill your promise,” a militant son tells his father. On 1 April 2018, a...

India’s Gau Rakshaks: “Cow killers need to be taught a lesson”

When Mohammed Iqbal (36) left his home in Hapur on the morning of 6 February 2017, he was carrying 40,000 rupees in cash. A...