Rayan Naqash

Rayan Naqash is an Assistant Editor at The Kashmir Walla.

Kashmir militancy’s reorganisation act post-August 2019

The introduction of these new secular militants groups remains the most stark ideological makeover of Kashmir’s militant movement

Delimitation process kicks off as NC falls in line. Where does it lead?

The participation of the National Conference, which has three sitting parliamentarians, was instrumental to the process lifting off amid fears of Kashmir’s further political disempowerment.

Burhan Wani’s era ends as insurgency moves back to secrecy

Five years later, the Kashmir insurgency’s days in the sun are over. The militants have again withdrawn into the shadows — abandoning a key tool in their arsenal: the social media that propelled them to the centre stage, captivating the public.

Kashmiri bride accuses her Sikh family of harassment after first marriage

A video has surfaced of Srinagar woman Zoya, formerly known as Manmeet Kour, in which she is admitting to converting to Islam and marrying a Muslim man out of...

She married a Muslim. Then she was snatched and married again.

The agitators demanded that Zoya be “returned to the community” for “at least a week” after which she would be allowed to make her own decision. 

After All Party meeting, Kashmir is still at square one

“It was just a drama by the Prime Minister to give an impression that entire Jammu and Kashmir is with them, that all political parties are on board. They [BJP] want to continue their dictatorship.”