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India can’t breathe but Modi won’t admit to failures

“Wherever I see, I can see only people and nothing else,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised thousands of his supporters gathered on 17 April...
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Who informs J-K’s COVID-19 response?

On Sunday, 4 April, a large crowd of visitors gathered at the gates of Srinagar’s famed Tulip Garden, jostling to enter on the second...
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Waseem Rizvi: the man who filed a PIL against Quranic verse

In the second week of March, a user posted a video on social media, however by the time it had gone viral, the man...
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US role evident in India Pakistan bonhomie

The hyper-nationalist Modi government — famous for its “we will attack them on their territory” stance on its neighbours – projects itself as immune to foreign intervention but has softened its stand after Biden won the historic general election in the US.
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A foreign envoys’ safari to Kashmir for validation?

"We keep hearing that foreign intervention is unacceptable so the current timing of taking foreign delegations to Kashmir is not quite clear."

Supreme Court’s guidelines on tree valuation offer ray of hope

The J-K administration must take the lead in implementing the Supreme Court's guidelines and extend much-needed succor to the public.
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Who will be prosecuted for longest internet restrictions in Kashmir?

From a threat to India’s sovereignty, the LG said the restoration of high-speed internet is a “move [that] will fulfil the aspirations of the people, particularly the youth.” It still begs the question why.
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Off the Internet: Inside New Delhi’s ‘Cancel Culture’ 

The cutting off of the millions of voices from the rest of the world via frequent internet shutdown and effectively censoring their voices fall in line with the larger theme of New Delhi’s Cancel Culture in Kashmir. 
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In Kashmir, alliance politics has been for power

When the 1987 elections were rigged by New Delhi, to keep Muslim United Front (MUF) away from power, a full-blown armed militancy erupted in the region, which continues even today. But the coalitions, parties joining hands to remain in power, still is a thing and continues to fail after a point.

Watching Trump Presidency from Kashmir

For days in early November, 29-year-old Sheikh Imran and his family in uptown Srinagar watched the US election results unfold, with awe. As television channels...