Monday, April 6, 2020
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Kashmir’s Teenagers: Passionate, Angry, Ambitious

Kashmiri teenagers are coming of age today in a country that is increasingly being shaped by regular events of violence.

Kashmir’s Coaching Institute Syndrome

From crowded classrooms to the irregular fee structure, private coaching sector highlights J-K administration’s failure.

Disconnects and divergence in India-Pakistan relations

One year after Pulwama, the trend lines are not good for India-Pakistan relations. There are no off ramps in sight to defuse tensions.

What is ahead for PDP in Kashmir?

“The current scenario has changed,” says Mr. Ahmad. “If we will not support the party, then someone else will rule on our heads; that will only increase problems.”

Panchayati Raj in Kashmir: “We are on a path to nowhere”

More than 1,400 crore rupees have been deposited in the Gram Panchayats, but due to the internet blockade they cannot verify their digital signature, hence barring the dispersal of funds.
Nehru - Indira Gandhi - Ghulam Mohammad Bakshi

History is not on Altaf Bukhari’s side

Will Altaf Bukhari become Kashmir’s next Bakshi, who remained in power as PM for a decade from 1953-64, or the next G. M. Shah whose stint as CM didn’t last long in 1984?
Limping Industry

‘This time, it is game over’: failing industries in Kashmir

Before the idea of India could grab Kashmir after the abrogation of the special status, in the initial spillover, many bridges have been severed and affecting the functionaries of the industrial sector.
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Electoral Politics in Kashmir: What is coming?

After Altaf Bukhari's initiative to re-start conversation around electoral politics, will Jammu and Kashmir see the political parties coming together to fight elections for statehood and domicile rights?

Kashmir’s rotten season of apples

“From 2008 till now, farmers who are dependent on this economy find themselves in darkness. Our hopes shattered when we did not receive the expected amount from our annual production.”