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“This is really deadly”: With Kashmir rehabs shut, drug addiction goes untreated

When Ms. Nazia refused flatly to visit IMHANS for detoxification, partly because of taboo and partly to keep her addiction secret from her family, medicines were sent at her home discreetly. Other individuals with drug addiction are, however, not as lucky as her.
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“Living a day at a time”: Health workers on frontlines of COVID-19 response

At home, Jameel Digoo, an ambulance driver is constantly afraid that he might already be a carrier of the infection, he often eats his dinner in silence--alone in a spacious room his family has kept for his daily self-isolation. Moreover, he, and many other healthcare workers, is also aware of the other consequences of the job: social stigma. 
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“Life has suddenly changed”: Pandemic worsens woes for visually impaired

Thirty-four-year-old Mudasir Andrabi was born visually impaired. Life had been difficult and he remained dependent on family friends to assist him as he went...
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In Kashmir, coronavirus pandemic keeps children away from routine vaccination

Owing to a continuous lockdown and the lack of public transport, the 36-year-old homemaker has not been able to take her daughter for regular health checkups owing to the uncertainty arising out of repeated and abrupt lockdowns.
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“Hope to cross finish line soon”: Kashmiri volunteers for undertrial coronavirus vaccine

The COVID-19 has claimed over 700 thousand lives across the world. About 20 million individuals have been infected by the virus that has continued...
Drugs, Kashmir drugs, Drugs in Kashmir, kashmir narcotics, kashmiri charas

Is injecting drugs silently giving way to another epidemic in Kashmir?

Nine years ago, a friend made Altaf Ahmed*, then 20 years old, drink a concoction of opioid-based analgesics and carbonated drinks. “After half an...
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“Be prepared for worst”: Kashmir hospitals running out of beds as COVID-19 cases increase

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase at an alarming rate in the Kashmir Valley, hospitals in the capital city Srinagar--where critically...
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Drug addicts turn to rehabs amidst COVID-19 lockdown

When people stop using a drug cold turkey, an abrupt cessation of a substance dependency, their tolerance goes down drastically. If they relapse, they are at a greater risk of overdose.
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Successive lockdowns in Kashmir is taking a heavy toll on its mental health

As Kashmir is under yet another lockdown since August last year, cases of anxiety disorders and depression among youth see a spike.
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Kashmir’s ill-armed front against COVID-19: A nurse’s tale of survival

A voice dutifully informed her that a patient whose blood samples she had taken earlier that day for a malaria test had instead shown symptoms for COVID-19. “Be cautious,” the line hung up.