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India-China tensions and a place for momos in Kashmir

For Hamid Butt, a Tibetan Muslim, the tensions in eastern Ladakh are personal. His restaurant in Srinagar speaks aloud of an exodus, his identity, and of the dumpling that has caught the imagination of Kashmir’s youth.
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Kashmir’s last houseboat maker might quit. Will Dal Lake change forever?

Grand houseboats lined up along the Dal Lake is one of Kashmir’s most recognisable view, over the years reducing down to something of a cliche to represent the Valley. What would the Dal look like if the last houseboat maker quits?
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Srinagar’s famed Shaitan Waaz’e fears the end is near

The Khan family has lived up to the reputation, passing on these “supernatural” skills down the generations. Groomed to head the family business since childhood, Mr. Khan is today the fifth generation waaz’e to head the team of the devils dedicated to the art of making the wazwan.
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Kashmiris find solace in online humour in the first lockdown, with internet

On 28 July, Vijdan Saleem was a radio news presenter, reading out the day’s most important news: if statehood and special status were delicacies,...
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“Truth over fiction”: After Art-370’s revocation, more Kashmiris are reading books on history than...

“Don’t you want to learn? Don’t you want to read?” Bayed Mubarak asks this question to himself whenever he finds it difficult to read....
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“Bridge of love”: Iranian, Kashmiri musicians come together for this Sufi melody

The coronavirus pandemic gave way to an improbable musical collaboration between Kashmiri and Iranian artists in the United States. Kashmiri Sufi singer Qaiser Nizami was...
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COVID-19: How safe is it to sacrifice sheep this Eid?

The usual hustle and bustle in the run up to Eid is missing in Kashmir. Flocks of sheep blocking the roads in Srinagar and...
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“Poetry feels like a person’s own”: Classical touch in Kashmir’s contemporary music

Poets have emerged in Kashmir throughout the centuries, shaped by the turmoil and zeitgeist of their time, writing poetry in Sanskrit, Persian, Urdu, but...

The roath is here to stay!

Away from the numerous bakeries that dot the streets of Kashmir, there is a confectionary of joy and celebration that has its place intact...
MTI Music

A small music label that immortalised Kashmir’s music

Kashmiris no longer needed to wait for these songs to be played on the radio--the demand for these records increased and MTI’s reach spread to several households.