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Son pursued justice for 25 years. But father’s killer is dead.

“I wanted [Papa Kisthwari] to suffer as I suffered. I wanted him to feel what I felt when I was looking for my father. Every time his bail plea was rejected by the court his helplessness would bring me pleasure.”
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“Bol, Jai Shri Ram”: Srinagar locality alleges mass beatings by Army after militant attack

“We were not allowed to scream," he said. During this, he said, one man shouted in agony: “If you are going to kill, [then] shoot us.”
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“They force boys to pick guns”: KAS aspirant in jail, for being a militant’s...

“I couldn’t even look at my son. Torture marks were evident from his face and he wasn’t the same person, who they had taken from the home."
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“Those who can feel the pain”: Beyond advocacy, the APDP is also a support...

The APDP is a community of survivors who are documenting and campaigning against enforced disappearances and continuing to look for their dear ones since 1994.
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“Where will people go?”: New land laws instill fear among Kashmiris

As Kashmir struggles with the fear of New Delhi trying to change the demographic designs, small-time landowners continue to suffer.
Naseema, mother of youth killed in Pampore

“Army shot him dead”: Mother mourns killing of her teenage son

“He was not a militant, he was not a stone thrower. He didn’t have a gun in his hand, he only had milk. He was shot by military men."
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Of loss, sorrow, and life in Kashmir

Kashmir's bloody conflict has alretered thousands of lives over three decades. Immerse into these four short stories from across the Valley -- speaking aloud, even after years, of loss, sorrow, and life.
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“Bravery got him killed”: Babar Qadri, a vocal defender of Kashmir, silenced

“Extraordinary men are killed to give extraordinary messages. Here the message is: don't be brave against any system. Don’t raise your voice. Toe the line. Let things be.”
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“Where are you, mother?”: Srinagar woman shot dead in front of son

“They did not give any warning or say anything to us. I voluntarily turned the vehicle around,” said her son. “They opened fire at us, the bullets hit her.” He broke down as he said that his mother had “died on the spot”.
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“India is forcing us to pick guns”: Kashmir mourns death of 26-yr-old in custody

“They have committed a criminal act, this is oppression,” said Mr. Javaid, with grief. “This is a killing. They killed an innocent.”