Shefali Rafiq

Shefali Rafiq is a Trainee Reporter at The Kashmir Walla.

“Village in mourning”: Flash flood in Kishtwar’s Honzar leaves behind death, destruction

A remote village - accessible after a five hour trek - has become the scene of a failing rescue operation in Jammu division’s Kishtwar district as a massive flash...

Indian national flag to be hoisted at Srinagar’s historic fort

The Kashmir administration has directed several of its departments to issue a conditional No Objection Certificate (NOC) for installation of a massive Indian national flag at the 213-year-old Hari...

Bus boat launched in Srinagar, will it be a success?

“It is a means of entertainment but also an alternative for surface transport. All we can do is try, whether it is a success or a failure, it is a different question.”

Inside the psyche of Kashmir’s mental health experts

After a 34-year-old man died by suicide, Mariya Zahoor kept rolling on her bed, unable to sleep. The man, who suffered from clinical depression, ran away from his home...

Mining leases: Kashmir Admin advises conditional NOCs against dept objections

The administration of Kashmir region has advised several of its departments to issue conditional No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for mining despite objections raised by these departments. The objections had been...

A burning cell, a lonely home: Young couple from Pulwama struggles through PSA

“I cried silently on sleepless nights, The night would bring back terrible memories. At times it was so unbearable that I would think of drinking poison, but then I would look at my children.”