Katra, Jammu train services to remain suspended for week

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The train services from Katra and Jammu to other parts of the country will remain affected till 13 September due to non-interlocking work that is in progress at Bari-Brahmana Railway Yard for its remodeling, reported Daily Excelsior.

According to Divisional Traffic Manager Mahesh Kumar, the remodeled Yard at Bari-Brahmana Railway Station will be commissioned on the evening of 13 September and till then various trains to and fro Jammu/Katra Railway Station have been cancelled, short terminated, short originated, regulated and rescheduled.

He said the trains which will remain cancelled during this period are 04615 (PTK-UHP), 04616 (UHP-PTK), 14610 (SVDK-RKSH), 14609 (RKSH-SVDK), 14034 (SVDK-DLI), 14033 (DLI-SVDK), 12469 (CNB-JAT), 12470 (JAT-CNB), 14503 (KLK-SVDK), 14504 (SVDK-KLK), 20986 (UHP-KOTA), 12492 (JAT-BJU), 12491 (BJU-JAT), 04141 (PRYJ-UHP), 04142 (UHP-PRYJ), 19803 (KOTA-SVDK), 19804 (SVDK-KOTA), 12919 (DADN-SVDK), 12920 (SVDK-DADN), 14606 (JAT-YNRK), 14605 (YNRK-JAT), 12208 (JAT-KOM), 12207 (KGM-JAT), 12587 (GKP-JAT) and 15098 (JAT-BOP).

Train numbers 19223 (ADI-JAT) and 19225 (JU-JAT) will be short terminated at Pathankot, 12237 (BSB-JAT) will be short terminated at Pathankot Cantt Railway Station, 12355 (PNBE-JAT) at Ludhiana Railway Station, 22431 (PRYJ-UHP) at Ambala Cantt Railway Station, 20847 (DURG-UHP) at Ludhiana, 18309 (SBP-JAT) and 18101 (TATA-JAT) at Amritsar Railway Station, 19107 (BBC-UHP) at Jalandhar Railway Station and 19415 (ADI-SVDK) at Ferozpur Cantt, as per the report.

The DTM further informed that train numbers 19224 (JAT-ADI) and 19226 (JAT-JU) will be originated from Pathankot instead of its scheduled station, 12238 (JAT-BSB) from Pathankot Cantt, 12356 (JAT-PNBE) from Ludhiana Railway Station, 22432 (UHP-PRYJ) from Ambala Cantt Railway Station, 20848 (UHP-DURG) from Ludhiana, 18102 (JAT-TATA) and 18310 (JAT-SBP) from Amritsar, 19108 (UHP-BVC) from Jalandhar and 19416 (SVDK-ADI) from Ferozpur Cantt Railway Station.

The trains which have been regulated are 12920 (SVDK-DADN), 12472 (SVDK-BDTS), 12474 (SVDK-GIMB), 12549 (DURG-JAT), 22705 (TPTY-JAT), 22439 (NDLS-SVDK), 12471 (BDTS-SVDK), 12331 (HWH-JAT) and 12476 (SVDK-HAPA) while the trains number 15655 (KYQ-SVDK), 12471 (BDTS-SVDK) and 12472 (SVDK-BDTS) have been rescheduled.

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