‘Have spies in Delhi police’: Gambhir receives third email from ISIS Kashmir


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Former Cricketer Gautam Gambhir has received a third death threat from ‘ISIS Kashmir’. The threatening email mentions that the purported outfit’s spies in the Delhi Police are keeping tabs on the BJP leader, India Today reported.

“Your Delhi Police and IPS Shweta can’t uproot anything. Our spies are also present in the police, we are receiving all information about you,” the email states, referring to DCP Central Shweta Chauhan who spoke to the media earlier about the threatening emails.

Gambhir received the email on Saturday, 28 November, at 1:37 pm. It was sent from the email address ‘[email protected]’ this time.

Last week, the cricketer-turned-politician had lodged a police complaint alleging he had received death threats from a person(s) or organisation claiming to be ‘ISIS Kashmir’. The death threats were sent over email from the address ‘[email protected]’.

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