In Kashmir, governors kill time boozing and golfing: Satyapal Malik

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Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik

Former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Satya Pal Malik on Sunday said that governor has no job other than drinking and playing golf.

Malik who is currently governor of Goa said. “Governor ka koi kaam nahi hota. Kashmir me jo Governor hota hai aksar wo daru peeta hai aur golf khelta hai. Baki jagah jo Governor hote hain wo aaram se rehte hain, kisi jhagde me padte nahi hain. (Governor usually has no job and in Kashmir governors usually drink and play golf. While is in other places they are just at it with themselves.) He was quoted as saying by ANI.

Last week during a function he revealed that the then state chief secretary B. V. R. Subrahmanyam told him on 4 August 2019 that over 1000 people will be killed to abrogate the Article 370.

Malik was speaking at International Jat Parliament, Vigyan Bhavan on 1 March, and was highlighting his work in the now Union Territory Jammu and Kashmir.

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