Why Businesses Should Consider Renewable Energy?


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by Mario Petkovski

In order to understand why companies should go green, firstly we must understand what that means. Going green means that the company has put enough effort to reduce its negative environmental impact. This can be done in many ways, such as recycling wasted material, reduce utility costs, investing in renewable energy source and much more.

It seems that going green is the latest trend that companies from all across the world tend to follow which is a good thing. One by one companies will start to realize that social change is necessary in order to save the planet that we all live in. Some of the changes are minor and can be done with little effort. However, when it is considered on a global scale the impact on the earth is massive.

Renewable energy is one of the key factors when companies turn green. The energy we use has an enormous impact on the future of the world. Green energy it is considered to be a subset of renewable energy and it represents all the technologies that are designed to lower the environmental damage by using energy from the sun, wind, geothermal, biogas and much more.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of investing in green energy.

Lowering the costs

Every company has massive expenses when it comes to energy. We all need all kinds of energy to keep our business alive, but they all come at a cost. The best way to lower your variable costs is to invest in renewable energy. By using the sun, the wind, the water or any other natural source you can get a sufficient amount of energy that can lower your costs.

With technology development nowadays it is not that expensive to invest in green technology. The solar roof on your company building will provide renewable energy forever, especially if you live in a country which has high solar exposition for most of the year.

Customers will enjoy benefits too. While lowering the costs per product, companies will have the ability to lower the price on their product but still maintain the same amount of profit.

Legal and Tax Advantages

Many countries have developed tax advantages for companies that invest in the renewable energy source. Some countries or US states even help businesses by covering some of the expenses for investing in green power.

For example, Florida allows companies that produce and sell electricity from a renewable energy facility to take the corporate income tax credit. This tax credit can cover up to 30% of all solar and wind investments.

Reducing Waste and Damage

There is a reason why this type of energy is called clean energy. Many companies in the world still use old methods to power their companies and as a result, we get a lot more waste that damages the environment.

The impact of green energy will be higher as more companies start to put it in practice. Imagine this as gathering a promising youth prospect in the NFL draft: at the beginning it might take some time, but in a few years you will have a player that will be able to shine and surprise the competitors.

Green as a Status Symbol

Whether or not companies accept it, the word “Green” is becoming like a status symbol that companies tend to follow in order to be more accepted from their customers. This environmentally friendly business will receive much more attention as a result of investing in renewable energy. Many major companies follow this trend such as FedEx, Dell, Honda and so on. So if you decide to go green, it will position your company alongside all the major once.

There are many benefits that follow the renewable energy source. That is why so many people started to build their own energy farms that harness energy in an ecological way. The best part is that usually all this energy is wasted. We must use all of our planet’s resources in order to improve the quality of our life.

It is a fact that in time every business will be working like this, however, it is in our best interest to evolve into eco-friendly business as fast as possible. The technology that can harness all this energy is also improved providing you with a stable and reliable source of energy all the time. Green Energy is a technology instead of fuel that can be used for everything and it is a win-win situation, the company is happy and the environment stays protected and it will last for many years.

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