Who is against Israeli aggression?



Popular resistance in West Bank. Photograph by Nina Butler

By Andy Tenido

As Israeli violence against Gaza grows ever more unacceptable, the question arises: what can be done to stop this?

It’s clear that Hamas’ rocket attacks won’t do anything except provide Israel with continued justification for its war crimes. If Hamas initiates the morally reprehensible practice of suicide bombings against Israelis, as it has apparently threatened to do it will only serve to inspire increased collective punishment against the people of Gaza.

So, given that military actions against Israel are at best unproductive and at worst equivalent to the terrorism Israel is practicing against Gaza, that leaves nonviolent resistance as the only feasible option.

The good news is nonviolent resistance has been statistically shown to be more effective than armed resistance campaigns. And there’s certainly a lot of nonviolent resistance going on right now.

The Palestinian people in the West Bank are showing their opposition to the Gaza attack through a series of increasingly large protests that seem unlikely to stop as long as Israel continues its attack. The West Bank’s Popular Struggle Coordination Committee is organizing protests in major cities, checkpoints and settlements throughout the West Bank. The ruling party, Fatah, has been holding rallies that often turn into clashes with soldiers, although Palestinian security forces prevent this from happening when they can. And spontaneous demonstrations have erupted across the occupied territories since the bombing campaign began.

The international left has also come out in force in support of the Gazan people. There have been demonstrations against Israel’s war of aggression across the United States, in London, in Santiago, in Barcelona, and in countless other cities large and small across the world. The Muslim world is showing its solidarity with the people of Gaza, as well. There have been protests in Indonesia and elsewhere, and the government of Iran has strongly condemned Israel’s actions. In addition, 400 Egyptian activists entered the Gaza strip carrying medical and relief supplies.

The Israeli assault has also re-energized notorious cyber-activist group Anonymous, who have launched a series of attacks against Israeli websites since the beginning of Pillar of Defense. They reportedly managed to delete the databases of the Bank of Jerusalem and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they took down over 600 Israeli websites, as well as releasing a “care package” with first aid tips and advice on how to remain anonymous online.

As momentum builds for nonviolent resistance to Israel’s terrorist regime, it seems as if we’re on the brink of something. The one certainty is that the relationship of the state of Israel to the Palestinian people is irrevocably changing. Whether the world can muster the strength to turn this into a positive change is what remains to be seen.

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