Transcreation: Yeh jau raig-e-dasht-e-firaaq hai


By Huzaifa Pandit

Zindagi jabr-e-musalsal ki tarah kaati hai

Jaanay kis jurm ki paayi hai saza yaad nahee!!

(Life meanders on stooped under a perpetual tyranny

What heinous crime begot such punishment? –

Devoured by the misty mires of my memory)

yeh jo raig-e-dasht-e-firaq hai yeh ruke agar

yeh ruke agar to nishaaN mile,

yeh nishaaN mile

ki jo faasiloN kii saliib hai

yeh gaRi hui hai kahaaN kahaaN

mere aasmaaN se kidhar gayii tere iltefaat ki kehkashaaN

mire be_Khabar, mire be_nishaaN

yeh ruke agar to pata chale

maiN thaa kis nagar tuu rahaa kahaaN

ki zamaaN makaaN ki yeh wusateN

tujhe dekhne ko taras gayiiN

voh mire nasiib ki baarisheN

kisi aur chhat pe baras gayiiN


mere chaar suu hai ghubaar-e-jaaN,

voh fishaar-e-jaaN,

ki Khabar nahiiN mire haath ko mire haath kii

mire Khwaab se tire baam tak

teri rehguzar ka to zikr kya

nahiiN zaufishaN tera naam tak

haiN dhuaaN dhuaaN mire ustKhwaaN

mere aansuuoN meN bhuje hue mire ustKhwaaN

mire naqsh gar mere naqsh-e-jaaN


isii raig-e-dasht-e-firaaq meN rahe muntazir

tere muntazir…!!!

mere Khawab jin ke fishaar meN

rahi mere haal se beKhabar teri rehguzar

teri rehguzar ke jo naqsh haiN mire haath par…..

magar is balaa ki hai tiirgi

ki Khabar nahiiN mere haath ko mere haath ki

voh jo chashm-e-shobadaa saaz thii, woh uThe agar

mere ustKhwaaN meN ho raushni

ussi ek lamha-e-diid meN teri rehguzar…!!

meri tiirah jaaN meN chamak uThe

mere Khawab se tire baam tak,

sabhii manazroN meN damak uThhe

usii ek pal meN ho jaavidaaN

meri arzuu k hai bekaraaN

meri zindagi k hai muKhtasar

yeh jo raig-e-dashatay firaaq hai,

ye rukay agar…


fishaar: squeeze/pressure  shobadaa saaz: illusionist bekaraa.n: extremely vast/boundaryless


These phantoms of ‘abandon waste’:

These raging sands of deserts

Were they to halt!

Were they to halt I’d discern I’d espy:

Milestones- that behold distances between our paths,

Unsheathe them where they lay buried.

Where did the constellations of your kind glance

vanish to from the orphaned skies of my fate?

My heedless love, my untraceable love

Were they to halt, I would discern

towns I embarked on,

Alleys which you stumbled upon!

The soul of my life and abode

Aches, longs for your glimpse now!

The pristine showers of my favourable luck

embrace an alien roof now


Swaddled by that stifling memory,

that evanescent self

Such darkness – I can’t fathom me

On the roads that lead from my dreams

To your alley your door

No one recalls your name,

No one can point the direction

That dissolves at your door

They smashed the lamps

Of your peerless name – the roads

Are not lit with them anymore

A vacuous smoke bandages my bones,

Smothered in blood draped tears:

my poor kindled bones!

My embellisher O embellishment-

The elixir of my charred bones.


They await you in blazing wastes-

longing eyes pierced

by the needles of the harsh sun

‘You’: they beseech you

in their deafening groans

In the dreams that tiptoe in my eyes

Only to smother the life in me

Your alley remains oblivious of my ache,

In your alley my life is at stake,

The sketch of your alley

Remains entrenched in my palm

But shrouded by an imperious darkness

I cannot discern me I or myself:

such mercilessness

Only if those illusionistic eyes

would kiss me again,

these dull bones

might be resplendent again

in this fleeting glimpse

the roads to you

will be resurrected again

from the dark crevices of my soul

Every road that sprouts from my dreams

And leads to your door

Shall reflect, dazzle with the image of your lane

One ephemeral moment:

It’ll transcend eternity,

My desire encompasses the breadth of infinity

Though my life may be a few breaths –

A collection motley

Yet were this mourning phantom-

The raging sand of estrangement waste

to be becalmed just once

once not to make haste…

Thumbnail photograph courtesy of  Muhannad Abu Ghdaib
[The image was taken in the Empty Quarter desert in the southeastern region of Saudi Arabia. The location is called Shaybah, which means “the Old Lady.” It is believed that it took this name because of the white salty marshes spread in the desert with the red sands.]

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