The other side of Delhi


[D]illi/Delhi/Dehli call it by any name and what comes to mind is a salad bowl of cultures, religions, languages and people. The capital of India famous for Mughal architecture, Mosques, Markets and the best it has, the diversity is not just a city but an experience. People from across India and the world come here, some visit the city and some stay here. Once you are here, you can’t miss famous ruins, tombs and qilas spread in the length and breadth of the city.

Ghalib’s tomb, Jama Masjid, Sishganj Gurudwara and Sunday book-bazaar in Old Delhi take you to another world of history, books and poetry. Dargah of Khawaja Nizamuddin attracts almost everyone. And who can miss to visit Hauz Khas, Chandni Chowk, Khan Market, Sarojini Nagar, and Karol Bagh for amazing food and shooping. Sprawling malls and shopping complexes adorn the city.

[I]n between all this glitz and glamour, we have a class of people, who come here from the underbelly of this nation to make a living in the capital. Work the whole day and then sleep on the streets-that’s the life mantra or say the only option for them. These are the people who often get mowed down by SUV’s or Porsche’s. The night life of this city has two faces. Two faces of this city do meet often, but they never join each other. The divide is wide, much wider that the glittering lights of the city make a huge population to vanish into the thin air, the air of live-and-let-live. Muhabit-ul-Haq catches some of the frames of the thin air and the moments in between.

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