The Kashmir Walla Online Internship Program


There are times when you want to tell your stories or speak out on issues around you. Something you see something which you find interesting, or at times just about anything. You can’t do this without a platform, without a wind which can push your wings to sky. The Kashmir Walla is one such place which gives people like you an opportunity to express. It is Jammu and Kashmir’s largest read online magazine and first of its kind. It reaches out to people who are interested in doing quality journalism and writing fresh, untold stories. The magazine has proved the power of online journalism on a global level by providing a different platform for readers and contributors. It has been successful to revolutionize the online journalism of valley and give it a representation in global journalism.

Our work, speaks, for our aim. Ours is a people’s magazine; you are our voice. Now, we are inviting you, to join us. We announce our work-from-home online journalism internship program. It is, a first time in the country. The internship is a one of its kind program that enables young people to give voice to their views, ideas, analysis, and skills. You will be able to disseminate information about issues and problems. The program will train you to become a better communicator, better writer and a better journalist.

As a participant, you will get empowered in journalism and research skills. It will help you in becoming a better professional by improving your writing and communication skills.

The internship program will have two categories:

  1. Internship for Magazine
  2. Internship for Daily Post

The internship is broadly divided into the following training phases:

1) Developing a view for news: The participants get hands on training on how to address issues, problems, news and views and how to propel change via the right presentation skills.

2) Research and development: Every intern goes through the process of participating in detailed and comprehensive research assignments.

3) Editorial, communication and language skills: As part of the training process, the interns will get an opportunity to report incidents, write about issues and express their views.

4) Long form writing style: As a part of magazine, interns for the magazine have to work on the monthly issues in which long form writing is encouraged.

The internship program equips and trains the participants to develop themselves, addressing critical issues and engaging them in freedom of speech and expression. The internship makes an individual outright, bold and prepares them for the most exciting career options.

All interns will receive a certificate of work experience after the successful completion of their internship. The internship period is six months only, from March 8, 2012 to September 8, 2012.

To apply, send a cover letter stating your desire and explaining your interest in The Kashmir Walla, along with your résumé and two or three writing samples (preferably features. DON’T SEND OPINIONS) not more than 1000 words, to

Note: Preference will be given to students.

[For applicants from outside Kashmir, the interview will be online.]

Date of Interview/ March 01, 2012, Time/ 2 pm.


The Kashmir Walla

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Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

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The Kashmir Walla needs you, urgently. Only you can do it.

We have always come to you for help: The Kashmir Walla is battling at multiple fronts — and if you don’t act now, it would be too late. 2020 was a year like no other and we walked into it already battered. The freedom of the press in Kashmir was touching new lows as the entire population was gradually coming out of one of the longest communication blackouts in the world.

We are not a big organization. A few thousand rupees from each one of you would make a huge difference.

The Kashmir Walla plans to extensively and honestly cover — break, report, and analyze — everything that matters to you. You can help us.

Choose a plan as per your location