“Strikes in Kashmir is a sacrifice for the movement”


Hurriyat Conference


Mehraj ud Din Kalwal
Tehreek-i-Hurriyat / Hurriyat G 

Tell us about your journey to joining Tehreek-i-Hurriyat?

Bismillahie rehman ne Raheem . Before joining Tehreek-e- Hurriyat, I was with Jamaat-i-Islami, which works for spreading peace across the globe through our religion Islam. Later due to an ethical strife with them, Tehreek-e-Hurriyat was formed under the leadership of Geelani sahib [Syed Ali Shah Geelani]. For structuring a system you need a basic ground and our country, but as our county is under occupation thus creating hindrance to our goals so I joined this Tehreek-e-Hurriyat firstly because its manifesto includes spreading the message of peace across the world.

Secondly Tehreek-e-Hurriyat is conducting non-violent protests against the illegal occupation due to which we are unable to achieve the goals. The cause for which Tehreek-i-Hurriyat is fighting for is a very good cause and closer to me. I started working under the leadership of Geelani Sahab.

What did you find in Hurriyat that you decided to join?

Whenever a party comes into existence it has its own objectives, and when Tehreeq-e-Hurriyat came into existence it had its own objectives and those objectives were based on the principles of Islam and were more than any other particular party.

Taking these facts into the consideration, I took a decision to join Hurriyat (G) or simply known as Tehree-i-Hurriyat that works for the freedom struggle of our motherland as well as spreading message of peace through Islam. Moreover its manifesto is much better than other separatists’ camps.

Taking manifesto of other parties into consideration they want secularism after freedom, same way others want good governance once we achieve freedom, but when it comes to us we want Nizam-e-Islam because Islam is better system than any other system of the world and provides you the better solution to all problems in this mankind.

I will support my answer with this: When Quid-e-Azam Ali Mohmmad Jinnah (founder of Pakistan) was questioned about Non-Muslims who will were going to live in Pakistan he replied Islam has been doing well for them since beginning, and we will do a favor for them in every sense, as the word favor has got highest ranking in our religion.

Do you think Hurriyat represents what people are aspiring for?

People of Kashmir have one expectation from us that is they believe the Hurriyat will help us to achieve freedom from the Indian rule and we have been fighting for it from the front line.

We need to give sacrifice for it and we are giving. We need to fight for it so we are fighting. We need to face jails and interrogation centers and we are facing. People do not expect we will provide drainage system from us. They don’t expect we will provide them electricity. They are expecting that we will help them achieving their goals and that is the basic thing that more and more people expect from us. And thankfully people especially youth have shown love for us and towards the freedom movement that is being led by Geelani Sahib.

There are fractions of people who believe Hurriyat G has not come up to their expectation. They want to see the results quickly but ones who are in leadership they guide people how to support the cause. We are showing them right path Inshaa Allah we will achieve our goal soon.

One can see that we have come up to people’s expectations by looking at us. How government has restricted us inside our party house. They have not even spared small workers who do odd jobs in our office.

Some young people are joining mainstream politics. How do you see that?

No! The people who join mainstream politics are a few. They mostly belong to the families who actually belong to those political parties. They join mainstream political parties only for their own personal interests, but the majority of youth living here is keeping eyes on the freedom struggle.

You have seen 2008-2010 mass uprising when tens and thousands of people came out on streets, mostly youth. That is the reason you will find common youth discussing about Kashmir issue at various places. Whenever movement faces test they move outside and fight for it.

What is Hurriyat G’s view on the future of Kashmir?

Firstly, our land should be free from the Indian rule. Future of Kashmir is bright only when we will be free from the Indian rule. Under the occupation whether it be education or natural resources, all the things remain in shambles and we can’t make future bright. That is why we are focusing on freedom movement; once we are free our future will be bright in every sense. Kashmiri people are polite they will show world what they can achieve and what they are capable of. People, men, women and children, should come at one point and should stand united for the freedom cause.

How do you see the process of elections in Kashmir?

Hurriyat Conference has said it and I will also say same; election in Kashmir is a military operation. You might have seen the use of power on common people, then the print media or electronic media who are under India’s control gives it a beautiful name so called election.

Kashmir’s streets are witness when they are filled with security forces, harassing people time and again. What will it be now after witnessing all this?

We boycott this military operation and will continue our appeal to people to boycott it as it harms resistance movement. They do it with a purpose that Indian point of view should reach to Kashmiris.

How will you define “Kashmir dispute”?

Kashmir dispute is 27 October 1947 when India occupied Kashmir against our will and then started committing atrocities, but when people raised their voice against it the then Indian Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1953 said Kashmiris will be given a chance to implement their future and till today we are demanding the same. We are not only ones who are witness of that statement by Nehru. It has been accepted by India as well as United Nations and 18 resolutions have been passed on it. Those resolutions are also the witness that Kashmir is a disputed region.

India does not accept Kashmir is a dispute but by principles they need to accept it, whenever members of United Nations visit White House there is also written that Kashmir is a disputed territory. World accepts it and they say it should be resolved as soon as possible.

How this dispute will be solved: when the aspirations of Kashmiri people will be fulfilled by granting them the freedom that they have been demanding since 1947.

It is often said that strikes cripple Kashmir’s economy but separatists don’t have any concrete policy. How will you respond to that?

When a freedom movement is being carried out sacrifice is to be needed. Yes we are aware of the fact strikes cripples our economy, but when a comparison can be made between two losses, occupation is the major loss and to end this occupation we need to show we are under occupation.

We are not allowed to carry out rallies. We are not allowed to carry out processions. They don’t allow us to protest but survival is more important and when other survival ways are closed we don’t have any option to go for.

There were many other ways by which we could have marked our protests against this occupation. They were closed by using power, now they are also looking for a way to close this way by which we show world that we are under occupation. Had we been left with other options like rallies, marches, protests we would have used strike option less in number.


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