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Deep and deep into the woods
I would sink; on and on would
I walk; till I reach the forest hoods!
Shepherd; aah! Be that I could!

Taking the sheep, I would move,
from noise to less; to tranquility.
The welcome note would Coo the Dove;
at the brink of the forest, mighty!

Sheep the grass, juicy would enjoy;
So would I, my moments calm.
Under the bower I would coy;
In mind of-course, a melodious psalm!

At night, my sheep would recline
and I would take, to tree trunk;
Moon’s sight would slide me to cloud-nine,
In peace and pleasure, deep would I sink!

Sun meeting the horizon, knell
would the morning; light
wide would cast, its huge spell
and bid adieu to the damsel night.

Rise would we to the day bright;
Morning a life new would ignite.
No division of earth and sky in sight;
this to the core, human soul would excite.

Feed would us the natures bounty;
The streams our thirst would quench.
Vast beyond domains is our country;
To it my starving soul would clinch!

The day, walking would we spent,
Soothing the soul by elements natural.
Steadily of the being would abstract the repent!
For eternity this would be or merely rental?

Let me stay here, here dwell, and reside;
Let tranquility grip me to introspection.
Let the country of nature take me to hide
and bliss leave no vent for retrospection!


Dhaar Mehak is a freelance writer. She can be reached at [email protected]

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