Release arrested youth within three days, Hizb chief tells police


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Militant commander Riyaz Naikoo on Friday warned the police to release all the relatives of militants and other arrested youth within three days, else the families of policemen won’t be safe.

The message by the Hizb commander came a day after 11 family members of policemen were abducted by militants.

Naikoo released a 11 minute audio message addressing the policemen,” Release all of our of relatives within three days else your family members will not be safe,” Naikoo can be heard warning the policemen in the audio.

“Remember we have the capacity to ruin the life of your children,” he says.

He is heard warning the Policemen that all prisoners should be released within three days. ‘We have been saying you are among our own, Kashmiri Muslims, but your behavior has proved otherwise,” Naikoo rues in the audio message.

Naikoo also asks the police to let them know if the war is with the families of militants too, “If you want to involve family in the war, we are ready for that too. Our family cannot become a hurdle in our path, however, you think of your family,” Naikoo reiterates.

Naikoo also warns the policemen to either step aside or face the consequences,” You act like Hitler inside the police stations, you are involved in every second wrongdoings in the society,” Naikoo addresses the police.

“You are the real terrorists, work like police did in the 90s, no one will kill you,” he says. “You should have supported us instead you fight us,” he adds.

Naikoo also reminds police about the importance of article 35-A, “Article 35-A is as important to you as other Kashmiris, yet you suppress people when they protest against it. What has happened to your minds? ” Naikoo asks.

“We thought of you as our own, but you became our enemy. Till now we were patient, we won’t be able to bear it anymore,” he says..

He further adds that India has used Kashmiris for its own gains, “We want to tell these people that India is not our friend and we should take lessons from Sheikh Abdullah,” he is heard saying.

Adding that India is dividing  Kashmiris and that the local police has become a victim of this Indian conspiracy.

He says  that militants in the past  have been lenient towards Jammu Kashmir Policemen, but the police action was  forcing them to act against police, ‘We do not want to harm you or your family, but we just wanted you to feel the pain of isolation from your loved ones. The way mothers of those you book under PSA feel,” Naikoo says in the video

“You should not destroy the careers of our young men, the war is not among families and families should be kept out of the war,” Naikoo explains.











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