In Pictures: Anti-Israel protests in Sydney, France


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World’s major cities saw thousands standing united and strong, holding demonstrations, in support of the victims of Gaza, Palestine under the onslaught of Israel in which more than 400 people have died so far.

Protests were held in Norway, Sweden, USA, Germany, London, Argentina, Paris, and Sydney. France originally tried to ban the demonstrations, the government and media are seen as portraying Israel as the victim that has angered the population and saw more than 10,000 defiant protestors in Lyon, Paris and Toulouse. Some peaceful protests turned violent as stone throwing was exchanged between protestors and the police. The situation is tense as there are a large number of Israelis and Palestinians who call France home. Reports have come about Israeli protestors being provided protection by police as they were holed up inside a synagogue. Police clashed with protestors in Paris and further protests in France have been cancelled, authorities fearing severe clashes.

France Photographs by Hala Elaroussi



In Washington, the White House had protestors reenacting the street death scenes from Palestinian victims. Many Jewish people participated in the demonstrations in faith solidarity and carried banners: “Authentic Rabbis always opposed Zionism.”

Yisroel Dovid Weiss of the organization Jews United Against Zionism (JUAZ) stated that this ideology Zionism is transformation purely from religion to nationalism. “It has no basis in the Torah. The Torah in fact clearly states that we are forbidden since the destruction of the temple 2,000 years ago to create our own sovereignty,” he said.

In Sydney, Australia 4000 people gathered chanting, “In our thousands, in our millions, we are all Palestinian, end the Massacre.” A demonstrator told The Kashmir Walla that they are protesting to show the world that what is happening in Palestine is not a religious war, it’s a human war, a massacre. “Both nations are part of the UN and one is engaged in military action with a nation who’s land they have forcibly occupied and who’s people have no means to defend themselves against the power of Israeli military. It’s a massacre and it must stop.”

Sydney Photographs by Zarlasht Dardmal



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