Of knowledge and humanity



By Irfan Tramboo

[I]f we delve deep into our minds, many of us amongst the youth will wholeheartedly agree that our desire to attain knowledge, whether general or technical is for the sole and selfish purpose of our personal growth. The need to be the best in any particular field is felt mostly because we want to earn money or possess power. Most of us never use our skills and professional techniques to serve humanity. Instead of channeling our potential in a way that would serve humanity, we convince ourselves that all can be done if we have the money and the power. It can be said that the generation of today tends to have more of a materialistic approach than a humanitarian one. We do not realize that as humans, as the youth, and as the ones who hold the key to the future, it is our duty to serve our people in every possible way.

Let us, for example, take the scientific field: we acquire tremendous scientific and engineering knowledge, but how many of us actually apply it to solve and simplify our day to day tasks. We read stacks of books thoroughly but the implementation of these theories and hypothesis is seen nowhere in real life. Did we ever try to think of a solution to the problems our farmers face in the fields every day? The average farmer today still uses a sickle in his paddy fields, which often leads to severe hand injuries. The average farmer still applies the black, sticky, semi solid paste obtained by burning wood, known as “Kellam” in Kashmiri, on his legs to elude allergies caused by the contaminated water of the paddy fields. Till date, no one has tried to come up with a solution to this problem faced by the farmers every season.

It is imperative to realize that we cannot expect a foreigner from the West, or some super genius in a remote corner of the country to come to our rescue. We are the ones suffering and we are the ones who have to come up with the solution as well. We possess the knowledge but we lack the drive to apply it practically to simplify our problems. We just gain knowledge with the intention of acing competitive exams and to make our own career. No doubt, it is important to be concerned about your career but on the other hand, we should also try to give an appropriate output of our knowledge, since mastering knowledge implies that you are capable of being an expert in the modification and streamlining of things according to the condition. Unfortunately, we lack the ability to channel our knowledge in a desirable manner and that’s the weakness we should work on. The need of the hour is that we should develop a sense of responsibility towards society. We should try to be productive and utilize our knowledge and skills to solve the problems our working class faces on a daily basis.

[pullquote]Let us channel our knowledge from every field to serve humanity. Let us be the part of this change, let us make the seemingly impossible happen.[/pullquote]The copyright or patent percentage of the valley is pretty low; in fact, we can say that it is in the 0-something range, which clearly indicates our failure in the creative sector. It can be inferred that we do not procure new things or even applicable solutions to our problems. Some palpable questions arise here in my mind. Why do we want to relay on things which were invented by some Englishmen, German, Arab or American? Why aren’t we ready to step ahead of them in the innovative field?  Why are we lagging behind? And what is that we lack?

These are points upon which our academicians and responsible individuals should ponder to come up with a possible medicament. We have to bring a change, we have to serve the entire humanity with our wisdom, skills and knowledge. Without changing our approach we cannot bring that desired change at all. We don’t need to have all the power in our hands, we don’t want to rule the world, we don’t want to have heaps of money all around us, but we need a better, prosperous and progressive society… and what do you know, all of those things may follow. Let us channel our knowledge from every field to serve humanity. Let us be the part of this change, let us make the seemingly impossible happen.

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