“Mother, I don’t know why but I’m not scared though I’m facing death”


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In a chilling video, a  Doordarshan staffer recorded a message on his phone addressed to his mother while being attacked by Naxals, and it has become viral since then on social media.

In the heartbreaking video Doordarshan staffer Mormukut Sharma who is laying on the ground can be seen whispering a message to his mother,  “Mother, I love you… I might die today… But somehow I am not scared even though  death is staring at me,” these gut-wrenching  words were the words that Sharma recorded while being attacked by Naxals in Dantewada region of Chattisgarh.

In the attack Sharma’s colleague, cameraman Achyutananda Sahu and three other forces personnel died.

Moments after the Doordarshan crew came under attack Sharma, a lighting assistant, brought out his phone and recorded a message for his mother.

Sharma begins the message by saying that an attack has happened. “There is a terrorist attack, I had come to Dantewada for election coverage,” Sharma says. “We were on a road… security personnel were with us… Suddenly Naxals surrounded us.”

“Mammi mein tujhe bahot pyaar karta hun… ho sakta hai mein iss hamle mein maara jau (Mom, I love you… I may die in this attack,” a visibly calm Sharma is then heard saying.

Sharma then goes on to add that he is not scared, “Pata nahi kyu, maut ko saamne dekhte huwe dar nahi lag raha hai (I don’t know why but I do not feel scared even though I am facing death),” .

“Bachna mushkil hai yaahan par… 6-7 jawaan hai saath mein… chaaron taraf se gher liye hai… abhi mein yeh hi kahunga (It doesn’t look like that I will survive, a few soldiers are with us but the Naxals have surrounded us from all sides… this is all I will say for now),” Sharma says, ending his message.


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