Our journalistic freedom needs your support

Reporting stories from Kashmir is more crucial now than ever. With our commitment to cover the politics, culture, and society of the region without fear or favour, The Kashmir Walla occupies a singular position in independent journalism from the Valley.

However, news organisations around the world are struggling to sustain themselves today. The work of journalists in Kashmir — never easy to begin with — has grown particularly difficult amid frequent internet shutdowns and mounting pressure from powerful actors.

Your contribution will sustain our work at a critical juncture in Kashmir’s history, and strengthen our ability to tell important stories honestly and boldly.

Your contribution builds the future of independent journalism in Kashmir.

We always try to focus on the topics that are most important for our readers. The membership program builds on our core belief that journalism works best when readers and news organisations form a community. We want to understand our readers better, and involve them in how we think about the most important issues in the news cycle.

Through a diverse range of offerings from events to insights into our newsroom, we hope to engage with our members more intimately than ever before. We envision members as not only our core financial backers, making sure we remain free from external constraints, but also our most valuable readers. This is the only way we see independent journalism surviving in our age.

Benefits for you as member!

  • Subscription to weekly edition and full digital access worldwide
  • Monthly roundtables and conference calls with our journalists
  • Weekly newsletter and podcast on the most important events and analysis from Kashmir
  • Membership to Mashiq, a space for books and conversations and early invitations to all events (coming soon)


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What is in the weekly newsletter?

Our newsletter greets you every Sunday morning. Our editors explain to you the week’s most important events in context, and offer sharp analysis for a quick read. We also give you a heads up about the significant developments you could look out for over the coming week, and a peek inside the workings of our newsroom.

What is in the podcast?

In the weekly podcast journalists and experts discuss the highlight news in the Valley, and explore the ideas that form the powerful force behind the noise.

What events do you organise?

We organise a wide range of events, from book readings and film screenings to roundtables with leaders in politics, culture, and the arts. These events give us a unique opportunity to engage with our members. We also hold talks with our reporters and editors to discuss the backstories behind the stories we cover.

Will there be online events?

Though internet connectivity in Kashmir is also unreliable and prone to government shutdowns, we do use online events frequently, especially to connect with our members outside of Srinagar.

What workshops do you organise?

We host training workshops every month in Srinagar. Participants are coached on a range of techniques such as writing, photography, and graphic arts, and also other skills and trainings. The workshops are organised bearing in mind a holistic structure to train the participants with a body of skills over the year.

Do I need to register for events and workshops? Can I invite a friend?

All events and workshops are free for our members, but we do request that you RSVP to our emailed invitations. Members can also bring one guest with them, while other non-members would be charged an entry fee. Most of these gatherings will be held at Mashiq, our soon to be ready venue in Srinagar. Depending on attendance and space constraints, there may be limited seating for some events, in which case we will inform you as soon as you RSVP.

Can I cancel my membership?

The membership period is for one year and after joining you can’t cancel the membership for one year. However, you can discontinue it after the period ends, if you don’t like to be part of the community.

I have more questions. Who do I talk to?

We are always happy to chat! Please drop us an email at [email protected], and you’ll hear back from us within a week.