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The Kashmir Walla releases the, latest,  jointly sung and written song of Kashmir’s leading rapper, Mc Kash and another rapper who is based in Pune, Haze Kay. The song is called The Originals.  Produced by One Crib productions.

Mc Kash and Haze Kay – The Originals


Verse 1:  Mc Kash – Flow like Jehlum , drowning competition, this verse is a curse feel a hearse on ignition, I’m worse than Papa 2 I put rappers up for torture I’m the Kashur viking blood thirsty for a slaughter, rappers up in wheel chairs haters on a stretcher, full moon rising on the end of the endeavour , choke on your tears I’m taking you to school , use your rhyme books as tissue, and put it to good use, saw your antics on facebook you think you acting cool? Even kids have got a grammar that is better than you fools, I’m like Mohammad Ali, I’m here to dominate, a barage of upper cuts got you bleeding  out my name, my science is a technique to make your ass suffer, put you on the cross, before you eat your last supper, gas chamber for em whacks hell I’m feeling like a Nazi, painting ugly pictures like a dead Kamikazi.

Chorus: Words, skill, courage will, keeping it real, keeping keeping it real, hated,  awaited, created debated, but now you gonna get it, now you now you gonna get it!

Verse 2: Haze Kay – I blast! kill ! murder murder, you aint never rapped ill, I aint never heard another chap steal the skills that I spill metaphors cry, science doesn’t leave a will, I’m the rebel man, I got pebbles in my hand, gonna stone every fake image of satan on this land, from the arctic to Kashmir, Mexico to Vietnam, my rhymes persist like a foetus in a womb I’m a tryst, between starving bellies and open fists, they might label me a terrorist for the words I spit, and though I exist, I’m not the lie of the Bible, a faber castle ghost who is now fighting for survival, in revival of the faith and only God can be my witness gonna hit em wannabe’s like the vultures on the chickens, gonna beef with those who are dissing, never missing my position,  I’m a martyr with a vision, an assasin like on a mission, I’m gonna kill em.

Verse 3: Coming like a hurricane, I aint got no hurry man, pull you out your house while you sitting on your sofa , come a lil closer, graze your fam down with a rover, imposters get rolled over by bull dozers, the world on my shoulder, my hand on a holzter, squeezing the trigger, popping clips out I’m a soldier, don’t tough talk me boy its a warning and i told ya , meet me back down in the streets, if you ever want a beef gun fight or fist fight, I’m a man of my word worthy of my pride, I’m alive in the beat I never stuttered never lied, welcome to the dungeon, see you on the other side.

We in love with hip hop since we were kids do you really think you know what hip hop is? What hip hop is ? What hip hop is?

It’s the rhythm of my struggle where I fight to exist. We have been in hip hop since you were kids, do you really think you
know what hip hop is? What hip hop is? What hip hop is? Its cries, its smiles, its tears, its fists!

Mc Kash’s photo by Baba Tamim/The Kashmir Walla

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