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This is our September 2017 issue –  focusing on the rise of violence in the name of protecting cows in India. The issue starts with a story by Kabir Agarwal focusing on how cow vigilantes or gau rakshaks go out on watch to find people who are associated with transporting cows or owning them, they not only use means of violence against people, but some have even died due to harsh beatings and weapons used by rakshaks. We also have an explained comment on how this cow has become part of the Hindutva politics in India, written by Rajiv Tyagi and along with him is a comment on how rural economy is being destroyed in the name of cow vigilantism, written by Sudhir Panwar. There is a personal story by Nikhil who talks about his experience of being a beef-eater. Along with it is a data based story on the lynchings in the name of protecting cows, written by Khabri Mishra. Other than these, we have a short travelogue by Gunjan Jhunjhunwala, who visited Kashmir Valley last July. There is a photo-feature showcasing a recent art exhibition organized in Srinagar.

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India’s Gau Rakshaks: “Cow killers need to be taught a lesson”

When Mohammed Iqbal (36) left his home in Hapur on the morning of 6 February 2017, he was carrying 40,000 rupees in cash. A...

2017: The year of lynchings

The violent activism of self-styled ‘cow protectors’, who call themselves ‘Gau rakshaks’, involves thrashing, harassing and lynching people — anytime, anywhere. And with the...


Cow as a political crutch in Hindutva politics

The idea of the cow as the revered mother, worthy of lifetime service, and therefore outside the purview of the abattoir, is no earlier...

Destructing rural economy in the name of ‘cow protection’

Livestock has played a crucial role in the Indian economy since pre-historic times. The cow and cow products like milk, ghee, meat and hide...



The confessions of an Indian beef-eater

That those eat now, who never ate before,And those who always ate, now eat the more.Beef or buff, Cow or bull, was never political to me. Heck, it wasn’t even meat. It was food....

A tourist in Kashmir

A tourist’s apathy and Kashmir’s reality run in close parallels. Any preliminary research for traveling to the troubled territory will tell you the land is safe for tourists. A summary of the eloquent reviews...