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Aspiring musicians and singers practicing in Music and Fine arts college, Srinagar.

She places her radio on the window sill, it falls and she picks it up, stares at it but she feels disturbed. Reason? The doorbell. Rath haz doud (take the milk), the milkman beckons her.

Humming a tune, she goes to the door. She has had a dream…a dream of white and black piano keys. While going to school many a times she has stood for hours in front of that corner shop in the neighborhood which sells musical instruments. Black and white, small and large, those shiny, smooth keys calling out to her itching fingers. While those fingers drag a chalk on the blackboard instead, her heart is miles away,locked inside that tiny shop. It will take lot to convince her parents she knows, she wants to embrace music, make it her life.

She has heard Azad bhaiya, who is studying in Delhi, whisper in Ammi’s ears last night that there are schools where you can learn music. In fact there were some right here, where she lives! Now all she needs is to learn about them.Today there is a spring in her step, her time has come.

Just like Nasreen, many women in the Valley aspire to take up music. The growing interest in music of youth in the Valley coupled with budding music institutes have opened up avenues for those willing to take up music as a profession.

Various music institutions set-up in the Valley offer variety of courses. The instruments being taught include; Guitar, Violin, Harmonium and Piano. One such institute Fleming Music Institute (FMI) is Srinagar based and run by professionals. Presently headed by Irfan Nabi and Bilal Ahmad it  focuses on the sufi music. Till now this musical den has produced a number of professionals. Presently the total number of girl students stands at 15, among them 6 are vocals, the only drummer and the number of guitarists is also

“The number of students is increasing and we are planning to launch new and interesting courses,’’ said Irfan Nabi. The trainers of various music schools have also realized that the interest among youth especially girls is increasing. The girl students in the Valley appreciate the measures that have been taken but say that a lot is left to be desired. “We need to clear our thoughts about the soul enhancing factor called music,” Umaya, a trainee said.

Photo: Zuhaib Muhammad

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