Kashmir — my motherland


By Shamim Shawl

I was reading a book. Every page was interesting. An English writer remembering his village, its streets and ponds, a small school and fellow beings, his parents and every thing which was in his memory would always become sad.The writer usually behaved as a young small boy and started weeping for his lost ones. At the end of book I found my self weeping. Is this my story, Story of my children Or a story of every Kashmiri away from home. I am not able to understand or differentiate the multiple standards of the world. A number of Kashmiris left this world waiting for UN resolutions to be implemented. They dreamt of a peaceful resolution of our long lingering problem.

The dream of my home land becoming free of any occupation has not materalised so far . I always found those people becoming emotional who are not allowed to see their land of birth. These innocent peace loving people carry their dreams in their vacant eyes awaiting a miracle and observing thousand of lives loosing their life unfulfilled. But still today the story is the same white and black. The relationships of countries are poisoned, and hate syndrome is deep rooted due to hardened mind sets. We were taught in childhood that we are a nation living together promoting love and peace and advocating justice, we however were pushed towards a war without weapons. It is essential now to investigate the role of those components who have played an ugly role in the past and are making the future of country unsafe.

At present this distant past history makes every Kashmiri skeptical. India can kill us but not break the spirit of freedom .The feeling among young generation towards Indian paramilitary forces is that of a monster who are “bad” as there is point of no return because of a dangerous situation people are facing. For the interest of whole south Asian region a guaranteed access to all those working for humanity, and human rights is essential. it is basic right of all Kashmiris to visit their home land . The policy of our leadership of course has to be of a comb they need to sit together to sort out internal differences and this will be a strong initiative rather than little mans diplomacy .The goal should be to unite all voices and advocate a unified stand. India always tried to break down the peace process and cheat the international community. It tried to dominate the region and rob the weak and even if there was a path leading straight towards settlement tried to derail it. Now this is not a question of individual parties but survival of a nation .If we go back to history we find late Jawaher Lal Nehru committed that “Fate of Kashmir is ultimately to be decided by the people. That pledge we have given, and the Maharaja has supported it, not only to the people of Kashmir but to the world. We will not and cannot back out of it. We are prepared when peace and law and order have been established to have a referendum held under international auspices like the United Nations. We want it to be a fair and just reference to the people and we shall accept their verdict. I can imagine no fairer and juster offer.”

It is well documented in British library that there was no accession and Allaister lamb also proved it in his book “A disputed legacy.” To understand the implications of imposed war on Kashmiri psyche world must understand its consequence which is hatred, anger and insult against oppressors. Even Kashmiri literature, prose and poetry is not far behind in portraying the struggle and pain of people. It is not difficult to imagine how human civilization is apathetic to war against suffering Kashmiri. it is time to expose Indian mentality and instill public view about Kashmir that Indian military might policies cannot defeat our just struggle. Kashmir’s have paid unspeakable price. Every sin will be forgiven but we cannot forget the planned killing of youth who are our proud present and our future capital as well. Kashmiris wish to see their land free and the paradise free of occupation.

We fully understand that it is difficult to realize human tragedy and bitter experiences of displacement from relations .This tragedy of war has given birth to fear of death but courage of conviction. This separation has created a great history of human civilization. People who have been living out of their hearths and homes away from their paradise become nostalgic and feel the pain of separation. Some of my friends who think about their homes and friends on holidays in London become emotional to illustrate the sting. Our children see life in a different way. The war has changed the thinking and interest of young generation. They try to know life as a challenge hearing, about attacks, murders, repression and loss of life. They find themselves helpless, emotionally crippled by this unrest of fellow humans. But have faith in justice and believe in humanity and peace.

We also have faith in universal justice when India will be answerable to the people who believe in freedom and peace. My children are putting their pain in emotional occasions recalling and remembering childhood. Educating and inspiring children around the globe through the words as they try to share the pain of separation in their writings. We also try to encourage all our friends to look world around us —to reach to them observe the Indian diplomacy expose and investigate it and try to discover what they are designing and learn how to combat this war. It is our collective responsibility. Comedian George Burns once said that if he knew he was going to live so long he would have taken better.

[Syndicated from: Pakistan Observer]

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