Justice! Justice! Justice! | Shut Up!


By Fahad Shah

Reports say “a 30-year-old woman alleges she was raped by two army men for two days in a hut”. This is what I read on news wires, newspapers and websites. This time police reacted swiftly and filed an FIR No:-66/2011 under section 366,376-RPC in Police Station Damhal Hanji Pora, which they hardly prefer to do often. Even this time senior police officers and a minister visited the place.

It happened in Manzgam village, Kulgam. Protests erupted in South Kashmir as the news spread. So what people are protesting? They did for Shopian also. They did for Kunanposhpora also. It hardly matters. Army has a safe haven: AFSPA. They wont be troubling themselves. They know they wont be prosecuted even if they committed this heinous crime.

But is this what India says “peaceful Kashmir”, “democratic system”, “disciplined army”. Where are the teachings of Gandhi whom they pray as “father of the nation”. Did he teach them to do this?

Justice! In Kashmir, this word is not even found in dictionary. There are thousands of families waiting for justice but then they pass away on way to courts. They live a hard life. Thousands are disappeared. Tens of thousands are killed. A large community is come up in valley which is called: affected people. Orphanages are constructed in every nook and corner of valley. Gardens, where people once enjoyed fresh air of nature, are turned into graveyards.

Where is justice?

Somewhere lost in the mist of “official denials”. When people are suppressed and humiliated; you expect peace. When girls are raped; you expect calm. When 8-year-old kids are killed in cold blood; you expect normalcy. How do you keep so much expectations from once heaven-on-earth when you put that “once” before heaven?

You have been telling world people are violent here, they are funded by Pakistan, they are terrorists. If they believe unarmed 8-year-old kid, who goes out to buy some candy, can kill anyone then world is blind. It is not surprise that army can be involved in this rape. Past is witness to such acts.

Investigations started but people know what was investigated in Shopian double-rape-and-murder case. For how long justice will remain far far away from this valley?

Photos: Shahid Tantray

People protesting against the "rape" of 30-year-old woman in Manzgam, Kulgam.

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