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David Devadas shows the injuries he sustained after policemen thrashed him last Monday. (Courtesy:

The Indian author and journalist David Devadas, a fellow with the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library in Delhi and author of a book on Kashmir, was beaten up by the Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel’s in Srinagar on September 5. The incident was first reported by Sheela Bhatt on

The report says, “In a letter written to Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, Devadas said that on September 5, when he was crossing the Rambagh bridge in his car in evening in heavy traffic, he heard a loud bang at the back of his car. His car was hit by another car. t was a security vehicle which was part of a convoy. One of the vehicles had a car flying the national flag. Devadas claims, “Those who were in this convoy had apparently got the impression that my car was obstructing their way, and became angry with me for this reason.”

The incident has not been reported by any local media organisation. It only came up in Quoting Devadas, the report continues:

Even after having volunteered to board the vehicle, the police personnel, instead of respecting my action, seized me by my hair and pulled, pushed, kicked and forced me into the back of the jeep. My shirt was torn across my torso at this point. In the jeep, I was further beaten, abused and kicked, while my head was held down at the floor of the jeep by my hair. I was unsure of my fate, and what would follow inside the police station.”

Sheela writes that for Devadas life will never be same again. He writes to Abdullah that, “After this experience, I am apprehensive about my safety. Through that evening, it became clear to me that rules, procedures and court guidelines are treated with contempt by the police force. I would be grateful, sir, if you would kindly advise me on how best to proceed and whether you consider it safe for me to remain in Kashmir.”

Read the full report here.

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