“Ignoring Kashmir will be disastrous for India-Pakistan”


Muhammad Yasin Malik, Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front. (File photo)Peace and stability are subservient to the resolution of disputes and issue. Peace cannot be established in vacuum. United Nations as a responsible forum has to wake up from its deep slumber and play its role in resolving long pending disputes like Jammu Kashmir and Palestine. Trade and good relations between India and Pakistan are all right but ignoring Kashmir will be disastrous,” this was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Mohammad Yasin Malik while addressing a mammoth gathering at Chrar-I-Shareef under the banner of “Quit Kashmir movement” on Friday.

Malik was accorded a rousing welcome by people throughout his journey from Srinagar to Chrar-I-Shareef This procession started from Maqbool Manzil and people especially youth joined this caravan of Azadi at Rambagh, Chanapora, Kralpora, Chadoora etc. people travelling in cars, on scooters and motor Bikes and using other means of transport, raised emotional slogans in favor of Freedom, martyrs, Palestine and against India and Israel. At many places women were seen showering flower petals and sweets on the caravan and praying for the freedom of Jammu Kashmir. After reaching Chrar I Shareef , Yasin sahib and other JKLF leaders addressed thousands outside the shrine of great Kashmiri Wali-Kamil sheikh Noor-Ud-Din Noorani (RAH).

In his address, Yasin sahib thanked people for their love and affection for freedom movement and said that if we kept our goal in sight and kept treading the path of martyrs with dedication, no power on earth can stop us from achieving our goal.

Addressing the United Nations, Malik said United Nations is a forum that despite its lacks and shortcomings still stands as a symbol of international peace and a forum for resolution of disputes. Its role visa vise the dispute of Jammu Kashmir is an established fact and cutting down or denying this role will bring only disaster to the region and create another Afghanistan in Jammu Kashmir.

Malik said that this forum was created to work for resolution of those disputes that are constantly threatening the peace and stability of the world but it is bitter fact that this forum has failed to deliver justice to the oppressed nations. Yasin Malik said that the issues of Jammu Kashmir and Palestine are two glaring examples of this failure. United Nations is a forum meant to raise its voice for oppressed people and it has to change its habit of obeying the orders of states and nations. We are hopeful that United Nations will stand for the oppressed and voice less people and will keep playing its vital and important role for the resolution of all disputes confronting the international peace including the dispute on Jammu Kashmir and Palestine, said Malik. He urged upon the United Nations to wake up and play its vital role for the resolution of all disputes including Jammu Kashmir and Palestine.

Malik while condemning the Israeli state terrorism in Palestine that has taken away thousands of lives including children, women and elders, said that international community by keeping silent over Israeli aggression are equally guilty for what is happening in Palestine. He said that our hearts bleed and eyes are wet for our brethren and we pray to Allah to help our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

While deliberating upon the proposed secretary level talks between India and Pakistan scheduled next month, Malik said that Kashmiris are not averse to talks and good relations between India and Pakistan. “We are not against trade and commerce but we want to ask a question to both these countries. Can their good relations and trade ties succeed without the resolution of Jammu Kashmir dispute?”

Malik said according to the set pattern of civilized world, priority is given to those disputes and issues that have direct bearing on the lives and future of oppressed nations and millions of people. Every sane person knows that Kashmiris have sacrificed their four generations for the resolution of Jammu Kashmir dispute and every one also is aware that without solving this long pending human issue, the dreams of peace, stability, trade and commerce will remain unfulfilled.

Malik said that the meetings and parlays between India and Pakistan are all right but these two nations must give priority to the resolution of Jammu Kashmir. Putting Kashmir on back burner will bring nothing but disaster to the region and turn Kashmir into another Afghanistan, said Yasin.  He said that the People of Jammu Kashmir are the real owners of this land and without their active involvement and without respecting their sacrifices, will and aspirations, no solution is possible of this dispute. He hoped that good sense will prevail and India and Pakistan instead of an ostrich like behavior and without turning a blind eye towards the reality of this dispute will undertake efforts for a priority based solution of this dispute.

Stressing the need for an early release of all Kashmiri pro resistance prisoners from jails, Malik said that civilized countries and nations don’t cage their opponents and suppress their voices and if India and its Kashmiri stooges claim to be democrats, they should open the doors of jails and let free those who have been languishing in jails from many years.

Malik also strongly condemned the reign of terror unleashed in entire Kashmir valley by police and other forces, nocturnal raids, arrests, arresting fathers and brothers of those wanted and other oppressive measures and said that these measures are pushing the youth to the wall and choking every little space for peaceful resistance. At the end of public Jalsa, Malik and other JKLF leaders were given a rousing farewell by the people present in the Jalsa. (KNS)

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