Follow up: The girls’ band changes the statements


By The Kashmir Walla and The Vox Kashmir

Immediately, after the story of first girl’s rock band quitting after receiving threats and criticism on social networking sites, the band called Pragaash reacted. The “band manager”, Adnan Matoo quoted saying they will not quit on mere pranks.

The manager was quoted by The Vox Kashmir after the story was first published by The Kashmir Walla. “The outsiders who comprise of every citizen apart from Kashmir think that a woman isn’t any safe in Kashmir,” said Matoo.

He also added: “Everyone receives threats and criticism in Kashmir but that doesn’t mean we will quit. The sentiments of Kashmiri people are also important for us and we will take them in consideration in the near future. I rubbish the claims which have been made by some people quoting us that we will quit because of the threats we received.”

In early January, the band manager, had told The Kashmir Walla that the girls in the band are being threatened so they won’t perform for now or talk to journalists. The reaction today came after hundreds of people showed their support to the band. On their Facebook page of the band, Aneeka Khalid, posted that they will be seen, performing again.

On talking to Matoo, he said, I still say that the band got threats on Facebook. “It is obvious when you see such abuses and threats you get scared. After that the members of the band came to me, crying. I told them to remain silent for some time and not perform till the issue settles down,” he said.

This story is jointly published on The Kashmir Walla and The Vox Kashmir, decided by the editors, only so that people won’t get confused that any of the stories is false. Both the stories are based on the facts and the developments, which kept on changing, as said by the band members.

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