Everything rotates around Education


Disorganized class is such a class of people whose standard of living, working style, socio-cultural values, economic status and level of thinking are different as compared to organized class. The classes of people who are coming under this purview are synonymously known as “Bahujan”. Bahujan is not confined to certain class of people. Just go back to the era and have glimpse on when the Great Leader, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule who first coined this word “Bahujan Samaj”. The very idea of introducing this word “Bahujan” by Mahatma Phule was to bring in all such people under one roof and lead them from “Darkness to Light” i.e. way for eradicating poverty.

Mahatma Phule was first in introducing women education.  He educated and trained his wife first. He knew that Education is a tool which will bring in sea-change in the society and turn into “Kalpavruksha”. To give practical approach and to make aware of importance of education in the minds of people, he propounded social movement and urged people to further educate the group of people so as to continue to kindle flame of education until it reaches the last person.

Chhatrapati Rajrshri Shahu Maharaj, Bharat Ratna Dr B R Ambedkar, King Sarjerao Gaikwad of Baroda and many other leaders spearheaded the movement of Education. All these Leaders’ have single goal i.e. Educating the Bahujan Samaj. Unfortunately, the flame of Education was not carried further by Generation Next Leaders and the public at large were mostly circumscribed and overawed by religious teaching, faith in witchcraft, blind belief, etc.

During last ten decades, some leaders have started inculcating and rejuvenating the great ideas which were implanted by Visionary Leaders and gave a new Philip to it under the flag of “Social Movement”. The people who started driving this concept were known and called as “Social Leaders”. Unfortunately, this too has failed miserably as these so called social leaders started gaining by taking undue advantage of this tool for their self-overall development including their kiths and kins. This resembles with “Privatisation of Profits and Nationalisation of Losses”. Under the guise of Social Development, these leaders were impressing upon localities to learn local languages and use it in all walks of life thereby restricting their growth and in knowing other languages. Learning other language means and includes knowing/ understanding neighbourhood, their culture, way of living, developing intimacy towards them, etc. etc. On the contrary and worst part of it was that these Social Leaders were putting their kids in a foreign country to learn English, German, French and other languages and develop friendship, intimacy, etc. so as to lead a respectable life. All these reasons combined together gave a vent of dissent among public as against these leaders.

During those days, higher education was beyond the reach of Bahujan as these classes were deprived of from this, due to illiteracy. Very few, who have completed high-schools, did not get admissions to colleges as few colleges were in existences which were run by Government and merit alone was the criteria for admission in these colleges. Hon’ble Leaders like Shri Yeshwantraoji Chavan and Shri Vasantdada Patil were the first in Maharashtra who gave nod for starting private colleges. The aim was to accommodate more and more students for taking higher education. This really led to a phenomenal increase of highly qualified people in all spheres and holding lucrative jobs in various sectors too.

With the advent of giving education through private educational institutions, though there is marked improvement and development among Bahujan, this fruit too has started emitting bad smell in the vicinity encompassing whole Bahujan class in the country. The reasons attributable are again pointing towards selfishness. Take an example of appointment of Teacher. Teaching is a profession which moulds a child in becoming a good citizen. The values are taught by a Teacher. A Teacher who is appointed at the age of 25 and puts in service for a span of 25 years would mould at least 2500 students. The future of these students lies in the hands of such teaching staff and teaching ability. In this profession, our Leaders both running Govt and Educational Institutions prefer to appoint their nearest and dearest without considering his teaching ability. This has started degenerating the foundation of Education.

Now, both Organized and Disorganized are in the race of running privately owned educational institutions under the banner of education to under privileged. Here, one distinguishable fact worth to point out is quality of education taught in Organized and Disorganized institutions. The quality of education taught in Organized institution is much much higher and exceeding expectations of students in particular, and parent and public, in general. The reason is that though in these institutions the nearest are given preference, they select teachers based on merits and teaching ability and give on job training so that professional teaching is not hampered. This is not found in the institutions run by Disorganized. This does not stop here. Just have a thought on the comments while recruiting/appointing “Oh! This candidate is from—College/ University, don’t select him”. Who is responsible for such paintings?

Language is a mode of communication. Language is combination of two words viz. Langue and age. Langue means language viewed as a general or abstract system and “Age” means era/ period. In Maharashtra, Shiv Chhatrapati is the first in focusing on local language i.e. Marathi, in order to come closer with the general public, understand their views, listen to their grievances and people should also knock his door at any time to air their views. In doing so, he never discouraged on learning other languages. He knew that learning other languages means breaking barriers and creating sustainable regime. Hence, he ruled southern and central parts. While he understood north Indian gimmick and plans were afoot to rule north, some forces worked against his will. His astute skills lured many foreign delegates.

Surprisingly, the language barrier has put many constraints in the way of literate, leave aside in the way of illiterate. Among the educated including the graduates how many people read daily newspapers? Which paper do they read? What news item/ Article do they read?. Other than local language newspaper, do they read other language newspaper/ magazine? Do they watch other language TV/broadcasting channel? Do they know what is happening in neighboring states and who are prominent personalities? Do they have upper hand at least in local cultural extravaganza? Upper hand, not in terms of muscle, money or political power but in terms of in depth of knowledge. Now, look at your neighboring states. Many people came and settled in Maharashtra and became famous not only in their States but in Maharashtra and rest of the States too. What made them to reach beyond seven seas? Has anybody from Bahujan Samaj thought of it or will, at least, think on it?

Courage comes from knowing of multi-language and in particular English. Multi-language creates flexibility, elevate thinking level, ability to decide/determine on what is good/bad and become independent rather than dependent and earn respect in the society.

This is not confined to socio-cultural extravaganza. Look at the political marginalization. Take example of UP and Bihar – Yadavs are in majority, In Punjab Sikh, Haryana – Jat, Karnataka – Vakkaliga & Lingayat, Andhra Pradesh – Reddy, Gujarat – Patel. Though these classes of people are in majority in respective states, why they could not run successful Government? One reason is their lack of education, knowledge thereby resulting into infighting among them instigated by others.  Succumb to political death is result of illiteracy and lack of knowledge.

In the last two decades, Government machinery too is implementing true educational reforms by reinforcing various measures like free education, concessional education, special education facilities to girls, scheduled classes, etc. There is shift from traditional learning to value added learning, vocational learning, technical education, etc. initiated by State Government with active support of central government. In line with these government initiatives, the educational awareness, among disorganized class, is marvelous! People are putting their kids in reputed educational institutions. Until now, people who were reluctant to send their child for higher education and make expenditure on them are now turning towards value added higher education and for that matter they borrow money from financial institutions or individuals. There is shift in thinking approach on ‘saving money’ to a ‘spending money on education’. Now, they are telling that Money spent on education is not wasted rather they consider it as an investment.


Due to this turn in approach on Education, many from Bahujan are getting employment in almost all sectors. Women too are working hand in hand with men thereby leading respectable life and earning self-respect.

Now, the time has come. Bahujans have to take intensive care in the years to come. For instance, I quote single example for reference and future study. Though, Bahujans are getting higher education, they are not getting opportunities in employment especially in higher/ middle ranks, getting attractive jobs with fringe benefits coupled with comfortable working atmosphere. They do get employment but at lower levels with minimal salary/ wages, no fringe benefits, odd working hours and clumsy atmosphere. All these combined forces compelling them to undergo stress and strain both while at working and on home front too. The root causes for such discrimination are that they have not secured more than 75% marks throughout their academic career and have not passed/completed their degree in a single attempt. These two prerequisites are making them to lag behind. Then who are at fault for such atmosphere? Students/parents or colleges/Universities?

History teaches a lot of things. Earlier, Barrister was allowed to practice in High Courts and not advocate, though literally both were having same qualification. This disparity was removed with active support of Rulers/ Government Now also insistence of local language at lower courts limits the scope of Advocate to practice in High Court unless he is fully conversant with the use of English language.

What is really hampering the growth of Disorganized is focus on quality education and will to learn more and more advanced technologies with intensity. Remember! To be on your own and accomplish goal, thorough knowledge of subject matter, knowledge of multi-language and urge to develop multi-skill is must and these will undoubtedly lead to reach desired destination and comfortable life.

Education is most important for survival and particularly higher education with knowledge of multi-language. Until now for getting employment in private sector/ public sector and Government, this was essential. But now the scenario is changing fast. In the eyes of public, shopping mall is considered as big bazaar doing trading activity. To get employment in this shopping mall, multi-language is must. All branded/ packaged items are tagged in English language. The working style of business community too is changing, giving alarm. Trading exclusively in particular branded item is gathering dust and businessmen are turning towards keeping all branded items in their store so that customer is not escaped from their hands..

Now, it is time for the political bigwigs, who rule, to take a step further in determining modus operandi of giving right Education, create Employment opportunities. People have full confidence in the Rulers who will Reform Rules to accommodate larger sections in order to bring them into mainstream and lead a Good Governance.

“Ignorance is the curse of God. Let us not leave it to God or in the name of God”.

Gurupad Awati lives in Pune.

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