DSU On Kishtwar Arrests For Delhi High Court Blast


Expose and defeat the Indian state’s nefarious designs to implicate Kashmiri youth in the Delhi High Court Blast!!

A DSU poster in Jawahar Lal Nehru university, New Delhi.

Hours after the bomb blast at the Delhi High Court on 7thSeptember, the Indian ‘investigative’ agencies began the witch-hunt of Muslims that has become usual after every such bomb blast. Random arrests and illegal detentions were made the next day onwards from different parts of India and Kashmir. A 14-year-old boy from Jharkhand was arrested by the West Bengal police; two people were arrested from Kolkatta by the West Bengal police; the Rajasthan Police detained two Jammu and Kashmir residents from Alwar district; four former district unit chiefs of the Student Islamic Movement of India were picked up from Mumbai. Over 60 people were detained by NIA for different durations in Kishtwar for ‘questioning’, and three of them, 19 year old Aamir Abbas Dev, 16 year old Abid Hussain and 14 year old Shariq Ahmed were finally ‘officially’ arrested after illegal confinement for a couple of days. Aamir’s brother has also been detained by the police.

The people of Kishtwar have erupted in protest against the arbitrary arrests, detentions and torture. Expressing concern specially over the targeting of minors and school going children, the people of Kishtwar lodged strong protests in different parts. As reports of torture poured in, many came out on the streets and gheraoed the police station. Kishtwar also observed a complete shutdown on the 12th of September against the continuing detentions and harassment. In the face of huge protests against the false arrests and branding, the police and the NIA surreptitiously whisked away the two of them, Aamir and Abid, during night to Jammu from where they were flown to Delhi, while Shariq was left in the police custody of the Kishtwar police. As journalists were not even allowed to be part of the court proceedings, Abid Hussain was remanded to NIA’s custody till 5th October while Aamir has been sent to judicial custody.

The entire course of ‘investigations’ have once again brought out the communal fascist character of the Indian state. What else they have once again brought to the fore is the rat race that ensues between different investigative departments to come up with their own versions, each more ‘true’ than the previous. So for one, it is the work of the non-existent Indian Mujahideen to avenge the Batla House ‘encounter’, while for NIA it is the work of the Dhaka based HuJi to avenge the death sentence given to Afzal Guru! In both the cases, by ripping up what it terms as the ‘collective conscience’ of the people, what the Indian state seeks to obscure is how in each of the two cases – be it the fake encounter at Batla House or false implication of Afzal Guru, all the institutions of the state, be it the police, judiciary or the media, worked in collision to manufacture evidence and implicate and execute innocent Muslim youth.

What these agencies will never bring to the fore is the involvement of the Hindu fascists in these attacks. The media’s follow up to the blast has been once again extremely shameful and has remained wilfully silent on the possibility of the Hindu fascist forces behind this attack. One has not forgotten the chilling confessions made by Aseemanand last yearwhich clearly exposed the involvement of the sangh giroh in the Ajemr sharif, mecca Masjid, Malegaon, Samjhauta Express or Nanded blast. What this systematic brutalisation and witch hunt of the Muslims vindicates once again is how it is not just the domain of the Sangh and the ruling class in totality is Hindu fundamentalist in nature. On the other hand, the attack on Kashmiri youth yet again is another attempt on the part of the Indian ruling class to silence the voice for Azadi. But Kashmiris have braved all this and much more valiantly for the past 60 years in their struggle for Azadi. The false cases, arrests, torture, disappearances, fake encounters and all the military might of the Indian state can never suppress the struggle for Azadi of Kashmir.

Not empty rhetorical slogans of ‘secularism’ or ‘communal peace and harmony’, but a united resilient struggle of the oppressed masses along with the ongoing revolutionary movement can only challenge and defeat this brahminical communal fascist-expansionist state.  and it is only by strengthening the ongoing revolutionary movement that we can put an end to this.

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