Delhi Police solve Mumbai blasts case


By Nivedita Menon

The Times of India reported today that Delhi Police intercepted a call immediately after the Mumbai blasts on Wednesday, which has given them crucial clues to solving this case.

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Basically, immediately after the blasts,  the ever alert Delhi police intercepted a call from Mumbai  to the NCR to ask the person in the NCR if  ’the work had been done’ and whether ‘Sharif” had been informed. On getting the answer ‘yes’, the caller hung up, and not just hung up, but ‘immediately’ hung up. The call lasted for about a minute.

This brief call was not too brief for the Delhi Police’s keen forensic skills.

From this call, the police suspect that ‘Sharif’ is none other than Mohammed Arif alias Junaid, one of the main accused in the Delhi blasts who was suspected to have fired at Inspector Chand Sharma during the Batla House encounter, and who had managed to escape.

“Arif belongs to the banned Indian Mujahideen and may have had some role to play in the Mumbai blasts. He is in his mid-twenties and belongs to Azamgarh in UP,” explained a senior police source.

And so from this one phone call, the entire case has been solved – the Indian Mujahideen are involved, Mohammed Arif alias Junaid is involved, the Batla House ‘encounter’, the most fraudulent and shameless operation of the Delhi Police yet, has been vindicated, and off they go to Azamgarh to round up hundreds of innocent Muslim youth most of whom will be released ten years later for lack of evidence, while a few will rot in prison for much longer for something they have no idea about.

The blasts happened in Mumbai.

The caller was from Mumbai.

The call came after the blasts.

To ask someone in the NCR whether some work had been carried out or not.

It lasted for one full minute.

Why should a person in Mumbai call a person in Delhi/NCR after the blasts and ask him (the person in Delhi) if the work had been done, if the reference was to the blasts?

Why should ‘Sharif’ necessarily be someone called Mohammed Arif alias Junaid?

Now, say this out loud and time it :

Kaam hua?


Sharif ko bataya?


Immediately hang up.

How long did it take?

What was the full conversation that lasted for a minute really about?

Perhaps a normal conversation about some normal work that the caller in Mumbai wanted the person in Delhi to follow up?

But it involved at least one Muslim name, and any Muslim can be all Muslims, and all Muslims are terrorists.

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