Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Mother’s call

The night's ghosts came prowling down All geared in a khaki gown Wielded upon by a ghost with a frown

Biting the dust

History, they say, always repeats itself. In my homeland, helplessness repeats itself. Our pangs never settle into grief, or mourning or bereavement. A fresh shot of agony injected...

In memory of Agha Shahid Ali: Forever

Do you seek, like Jonah, to be elusive forever-- To live like an ascetic, reclusive forever?

Ode to the rains

A splendid beauty from the skies descends. Embracing the Earth quenches its long thirst. Down hilltops, meadows and rivers it sends. Its stroke and shine in watery outburst.

You don’t cry: a poem on Afzal Guru

I didn’t cry perhaps, I had no reason to cry Afzal Guru was a Kashmiri and I am from India Afzal Guru was a Muslim by faith and I was born a Hindu

From Afzal, to Kashmir

By Mahi Farxana Munshi I walked above the dusty roads. The untrodden ways in the morning. The blood was dripping down from the sore skies. I knew it...

Transcreation: Yeh jau raig-e-dasht-e-firaaq hai

By Huzaifa Pandit Zindagi jabr-e-musalsal ki tarah kaati hai Jaanay kis jurm ki paayi hai saza yaad nahee!! (Life meanders on stooped under a perpetual tyranny What heinous...

Last signature

By Ather Zia Our wounds are labeled forgettable, Shahid Our life before death is imperceptible, Shahid Billboards proclaim, Kashmir: A Paradise God has a reason to be chimerical,...


By Farzana Munshi Her hands are stretched out to the lap of cliffs She’s climbing to heaven by treading falls Her eyes are sapphire Hair woven in gold...

I belong to a Valley

By Ikram Ullah I belong to a valley grand Himalayas the Pir Panchal Jehlum’s mystifying tranquility Lidder’s restlessness I belong to a valley forlorn a Stalingrad The Red Square without a Kremlin...