Tuesday, November 13, 2018


“If I had no children, I would have killed myself long ago”

If I had no children, I would have killed myself a long ago. Whenever I think of doing so, it comes to my mind that what will happen to my son and daughters when they would need clothes and food. Who would take care of them?

Story on Kashmiri Women’s Problems

Nobody said marriage was a cake-walk, but for some non-Kashmiri women who are married to locals here, it has been a hard life. Doctors...

Who is Maqbool Butt?

Maqbool Butt said in a Special Court of Pakistan: “I have disliked self-praise but now when my role is being distorted, deliberately, I am...

Everything I Cannot Tell You About The Women Of Kashmir

What can I tell you about the women of Kashmir? You, who read this, will already have a procession of images in your head. Maybe you...

In memory of Agha Shahid Ali: Forever

Do you seek, like Jonah, to be elusive forever-- To live like an ascetic, reclusive forever?

Yes, I’m a stone thrower

After spending three years in jail, he still says “Yes, I’m a stone thrower." Born on the11th of February 1991, Aarif Baba* has two historical events associated with his birth date. 11th February is the day Mohammad Maqbool Butt, considered one of the founders of Kashmir’s freedom movement, was hanged and 1991 is the peak year of resistance in Kashmir.

The Hero of 13 July, 1931

By Saima Bhat It was a speech and what followed it that made him a hero of the 1931 uprising in Kashmir. His identity, however,...

The art of Khatamband and Panjrakari

By Muheet ul Islam Kashmiri cultural life exhibits a unique intermingling of traditions from the age of Buddha to the Mughal dynasty.  In an age where...

Loss of habitat

Almost half the world's plant species and one-third of vertebrates are endemic to twenty-five “hotspots” of biodiversity on the planet, each of which has...

Play: Letters from ’91

As the spring of 1991 sets in, the Himalayan snow begins to melt and the waters of river Jhelum gain momentum. But soon the...