Monday, November 19, 2018


Engineer duo quit job, invest 4 lakhs, to create profitable venture

With the aim to generate employment in Kashmir Valley, two 27-year-old young engineer friends - Tehleel Khajawal and Rizwan Alam Khan, from Srinagar, turned...

In Kashmir, how govt is turning thousands jobless, damaging silk industry

As a few days are left for Eid in Kashmir Valley, the overly crowded markets radiate the fervor of the people preparing for the...

A village of walnuts hit by taxes

Nestled in the lofty mountains, a walnut market is ever-occupied with the hustle-bustle of the locals, punctuated by the incessant honking of the passing...
kashmir, Orchards damaged

How snowfall killed dreams of Kashmir’s orchardists

With early snowfall in Kashmir Valley on Saturday, orchards worth a fortune has been damaged leaving the only livelihood of many families in the...