Friday, November 16, 2018


MUNNU: Kashmir’s first graphic novel

MUNNU, the graphic novel published by 4th Estate this month, is the astonishing debut from Kashmir based illustrator Malik Sajad.  We asked Malik about...
Between The Great Divide: A journey into Pakistan-administered Kashmir"

What Kashmiri refugees across LoC told Anam Zakaria?

As the chairlift arrives, I notice that it is hanging by a thin cable, the wind rocking it left and right over the flowing...
What was Manan Wani reading?

What was Manan Wani reading?

Scholar turned militant in Kashmir, Manan Wani, 26, in one of his letters had written that he was reading "politics, learning sciences and deliberating...

A teacher who translated Oscar Wilde into Kashmiri

In March 2017, Shaheen Akhtar, 33, translated and self published a print of Oscar Wilde’s short story, The Selfish Giant in Kashmiri, titled Khudgarz...

Zakaria’s book ‘Between The Great Divide’ focuses on Kashmir across LoC

A new book on Jammu and Kashmir - Between the Great Divide A Journey into Pakistan-Administered Kashmir - is a latest non-fiction work written...