Monday, April 6, 2020
Madhosh Balhami - kashmir walla

Madhosh Balhami: ‘My verses are witness to Kashmir’s history’

The story of Madhosh Balhami, a poet who lost the work of his lifetime in a gunfight in March 2018, is a journey of a Kashmiri, and Kashmir together.
Bhat - during puja

Herath in Kashmir: ‘Will celebrate the way my parents do’

"Our community has shrunken so much. The festival is not the same any more, there have been so many changes. But we still observe it dutifully because we must."
F Freda Bedi in Lahore, mid-1930s.

New Kashmir and a revolutionary document

When next the temper of Kashmiri politics boiled over, it was Freda Bedi rather than B.P.L. who was on the spot and propelled to prominence.

In Internet blackout, Kashmir’s vital dose of entertainment

Parallel to the age of streaming platforms, many Kashmiris find themselves at the door of people like Firdous Ahmad with an external hard-drive in their pockets.

Kashmir’s artisans lose work in months long internet ban

For the last hundred days, Mohammad Nasir, 34, a paper machie artist from Srinagar’s Lal Bazar area has been in a conundrum – his...
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Home of Humanity: Bringing Up Abandoned Babies

“Is it a boy? Is he fair-skinned? Does he have any marks on his face? He isn’t crippled, is he?”—are stock questions asked from...
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Kashmir’s female graffiti artist: ‘I refuse to live like prisoner’

Armed conflict spears numerous dimensions, voids, and anger. In Kashmir, swiping through the flood of news of clashes, injuries, and deaths; a few find...
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Lost in despair of life; 43-yr-old Haleema scribbles Kashmiri poetry

Disclaimer: This article includes the snippets from Hameela Qadri’s poetry book, Ishq-e-Nabi. Haleema Qadri has made her name in Budgam...
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Expressing gratitude, Kashmiri papier-mâché artists offer to adorn Golden Temple for free

After the Sikh community sheltered many violence-affected Kashmiris, in the fallout of the Pulwama attack, under the safe-shadows of Gurudwaras, the Kashmiris residing in...
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Watch ‘Bring Him Back’ – a film on Maqbool Butt Bring Him Back - a film on Maqbool Butt | Duration: 26 minutes Directed by Fahad Shah | Produced by...