Thursday, February 20, 2020

Breaking down 30,757 crore rupees

Former finance minister of J-K and a noted economist, Haseeb Drabu said, “What was the right of the state has now become a provision to be decided by the union."
F Freda Bedi in Lahore, mid-1930s.

New Kashmir and a revolutionary document

When next the temper of Kashmiri politics boiled over, it was Freda Bedi rather than B.P.L. who was on the spot and propelled to prominence.

After months, VPN connects an old mother in Kashmir to her son

A view at the whitelist websites gives a sense of being cruelly mocked – nothing else. The websites include streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime; a joke.

In Internet blackout, Kashmir’s vital dose of entertainment

Parallel to the age of streaming platforms, many Kashmiris find themselves at the door of people like Firdous Ahmad with an external hard-drive in their pockets.
Power lines

Rising power cuts halt lives in Kashmir

While the power cuts triggered by snowfall are not predictable, compared to previous years, officially scheduled power cuts have also risen this winter.
2019 - KASHMIR - ARTICLE 370

Recap: Kashmir after Article 370 abrogation

Read some of The Kashmir Walla's stories since 5 August 2019 to refresh your memory.

“Engineering institute turns CRPF bunker” for months; education suffers

"Sometimes, I thought of dragging them [CRPF personnel] out of the campus when they follow us if we visit inside. Their actions and treatment is forcing us to take negative steps.”
no internet

How young Kashmiris are losing jobs due to Internet gag?

"I saw the lay-offs coming in the shutdown as the operations of Internet-based businesses lost its mode of survival - Internet.”
Trans women

In Kashmir clampdown, trans women face new challenges

Every wedding season, at an average, Shabnam Subhan would earn about 60-70 thousand in six months and would rely on it for the rest of the year. This season, she hasn’t earned even 10 per cent of it.

Cold childhood, begging meals, and weighing odds

“At first, I was really ashamed. But now, I have accepted that I’m doing this. I'm begging. It is for my children.”