Saturday, November 17, 2018


Irom Sharmila: Not suicide, it’s fight

Manipur is the land of Khamba Thoibi, Iromba and Thang-Ta. It is arguably, the most culturally rich state in Northeast India. But, ask some...

Hugo Chávez

The first time I met Hugo Chavez was at the United Nations in New York in January 2003. He asked me my name, as...

The Paranoia of the Superrich and Superpowerful

The United States was seriously defeated in Iraq by Iraqi nationalism -- mostly by nonviolent resistance. The United States could kill the insurgents, but they couldn't deal with half a million people demonstrating in the streets. Step by step, Iraq was able to dismantle the controls put in place by the occupying forces.

Kashmir: Absence of a free homeland

The extent of suffering of Kashmiri children and youth under the occupation is shocking and unreported. We need to shed light on the shattering...

Guantanamo Bay: The house of vile

It became the unfortunate home for the refugees from Cuba and Haiti caught in the International waters during 1970s and continued the monomania through the half...

Remembering Gaw Kadal Massacre, Jan 21, 1990

It has been more than twenty years of the gateway to our road of the massacres. It was this day, twenty three years ago,

The beheading of Rahim Chhaan and two others

The history of ideas usually credits the discourse that it analyses with coherence. If it happens to notice an irregularity in the use of...

The misdirected debate on rape in India

The streets of the capital fume with fury and desperation. Thousands of people gather at India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Jantar Mantar and other nook...

Kashmiri Muslim: Other Side Of Assertion

“What do you want? Azaadi?” “Yes! He needs Azaadi.” the old man sitting on my side berth shouted. “Give all of them what they want, let them...