Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Palestine: The story of foretold death

I do not know how much it is important to tell the story in details? The details are tragic. Yet the story of those Palestine...

The birth of Karl Marx

Karl Marx died on 14 March 1883 and was buried three days later at Highgate cemetery in north London. Every year a small group...

India imposes graveyard peace in Kashmir

The return of mass protests against Indian rule since 2008 have given a new shape to the Kashmiri movement for independence, one that is now spearheaded by the conflict generation that has grown up knowing only military occupation and its abuses.

Kashmir: Mayhem in March

he completeness of night’s silence is absolute in Kashmir. Earlier today another boy was put six feet under. Killed in cold blood in Baramulla...
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“Cannot rule out Geelani turning out to be the tallest Kashmiri of 21st century”

The below is the letter written by senior leader of National Conference, G N Ratanpuri, a Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) from Pulwama, Jammu...

India ignores Justice Verma reccomendations

While the ongoing debate on the recommendations given by Justice Verma’s panel continues. The government of India has conveniently decided to look the other...

Girls, speak up

One day enraged with suffocation and suffering Betwixt my tradition and ambitions I looked for the evil that was creating darkness. I desperately looked out of the...