BJP wants to divide Muslim families through Triple Talaq Bill: Mehbooba


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Srinagar: Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir on Monday lashed out at the BJP for passing the triple Talaq bill saying the ruling party wants to divide Muslims through the bill.

The PDP president said that the bill will further impoverish Muslims, “After creating division on religious and sectarian lines, BJP , now wants to divide Muslim families through Triple Talaq bill .With economic onslaught on Muslims through curbs on meat and leather, the social crisis TT bill can cause , will impoverish them further.” She wrote on her Twitter handle.

Mehbooba further said that Muslims pride themselves for strong family structure and bonding, “Same is true of other religions in the East , which is considered as an advantage over the Western culture .This bill is a direct assault on that.” She said.

The former ally of BJP said that Muslims from J&K and India had decided to stay with India for being secular and democratic, “Indian Muslims and we from jk which is a Muslim majority state , decided to stay with Gandhi’s secular democratic India and let us not convert it into Zia-ul-Haq’s nation.”

Mehbooba further said that rather than forcing Muslims into accepting something that is not acceptable to them the government should empower Muslim women, “Democracy is not run through brute majority, it is about consensus . Muslims accepted the decision of SC on invalidity of Triple Talaq , unlike the Sabarimala verdict . Best is to empower Muslim women to be able to face the world independently in case of a breakup.” She added.

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