The year 2018 has been deadly for Kashmir, with the highest number of killings, and many political twists and turns. We bring you some of the best stories of the year, covering various aspects of the region.

Remnants of Kashmir’s Dead

The Kashmir mayhem has destroyed an entire generation and left them all under the soil. In this series, we bring you the stories from beyond the graveyards. We bring you the stories of what those dead have left behind.

by Yashraj Sharma

Breaking News KashmirA teacher who translated Oscar Wilde into Kashmiri

Shaheen Akhtar, 33, translated and self published a print of Oscar Wilde’s short story, The Selfish Giant in Kashmiri, titled Khudgarz Jinn. The book is written in simple Kashmiri with illustrations that appeal to children.

by Sanjana Reddy

“I will not survive… give my bloodsoaked shoes to my mother”

“I will not survive… the pain is ripping me apart. Mere khoon wale jootein meri maa ko dena – give my bloodsoaked shoes to my mother,” a sixteen-year-old boy told his friend after three bullets pierced into his chest, left-rib, and abdomen respectively.

by Kaiser Andrabi

pulwama, indonesia, kashmir, kashmir news, kashmir latest news‘Wake up, wake up, our baby is waiting’

wailed 33-year-old Saima, who hails from Indonesia, while lying on her husband’s grave, on third day after he was buried. It was on Monday, when she left at dawn without telling anyone and walked to the martyrs’ graveyard, a few meters away from home.

by Vikar Syed

“I’m a lesbian, a Kashmiri lesbian”

Breaking News KashmirI’m a lesbian. A Kashmiri lesbian. Lurking from my closet, I still look for the chances to sneak out. A chance to be embraced by my people; and eventually a chance to embrace my true self. The whole India erupted into the celebration to laud verdict by the Supreme Court on 6 September as it scrapped the Article 377. While my part of celebration is still due.

by Anonymous

How snowfall killed dreams of Kashmir’s orchardists

Breaking News KashmirWith early snowfall in Kashmir Valley on Saturday, orchards worth a fortune has been damaged leaving the only livelihood of many families in the rural areas devastated. The tragedy stuck so heavily that many videos on social media went viral, showing people wailing while removing snow from the fallen apples in the orchards.

by Peer Haseeb

Of life and death in Kashmir

Kashmir Images and Photo Gallery OnlineIn this series of photographs from various areas and period of time, The Kashmir Walla’s Sanna Irshad Mattoo, weaves a story of loss, grief, suffering, fragments of memory and collapse of people’s small worlds.

by Sanna Irshad Mattoo

Decade of bloodshed in Kashmir: 3250 killings

kashmir, kashmir infogram, kashmir newsIn the last one decade of conflict in Kashmir, highest number of people have been killed in 2018 so far. Around 529 people have lost lives till November and nearly 3250 people have been killed in the last one decade.

by The Kashmir Walla

Sleeping on footpaths, abandoned Kashmiri transgender ‘waiting for death’

Kashmiri transgender, kashmir, kashmir news,“I’m facing hardships, I have been abandoned, I’m waiting for my death,” says Ghulam Nabi Mir, 70, while lying on a blanket in the corridor of Shri Maharaja Hari Singh hospital in Srinagar. Mir is a transgender, who has been abandoned by her family and society too.

by Kaiser Andrabi

 TIMELINE | Civilian Bloodshed in Kashmir Under PDP-BJP Govt

The Kashmir Walla has compiled the list of all civilians killed while the state of Jammu and Kashmir was governed by the ‘historic alliance’ of BJP and PDP. We believe that lives are not mere numbers; name matters. When the coalition ended on 19 June, when BJP dumped PDP, the blame game ended; but bloodshed did not.

by The Kashmir Walla

And we end this here with one of our editorials from the year 2018.

Shujaat Bukhari, another forgotten killing in Kashmir?

Maybe, we will never get the answers to these questions. But Mr. Bukhari was a man who was out there for — people, hope, peace, justice, and free speech; whether one agreed to him or not. The fact that the year 2018 has been most violent, is an answer in itself to why the people like Mr. Bukhari are shot dead.

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