By Adil Langoo

If God is deciphered, he holds power that too Omni, and If Olympus is thought of, each god retains Omni power in a definite space. Both, one in relative and other absolute, can reconstruct and deconstruct creation. However If poly is subordinated to mono then ‘God’ is all pervasive. This God inflicts and heals us. In addition, wherever there is suffering, metaphysics has embarked upon it; squaring up the position of God by hope of rejuvenations in times to come.

‘Becoming god’, having the aforementioned trait, is an unconscious aspiration of many mortals. They do want to inflict pain and heal in future times, squaring up their positions too. One such folk is Kashmir’s security force (read: ‘threatening force’). They created the environment of servitude and thereby enforced disappearance and killings, in response to revolt against tyranny, and equated that by ‘compensations’ in pursuit of ‘Becoming’. The compensations were of money and employment. A human’s worth is a few lakhs. Principle of indemnity, as I was taught in my insurance class, does not hold for life, as life is so precious that it cannot be priced or compensated. However, in Kashmir that has been and fearfully, will be. As more and more worth is given to life, to safeguard it from threats, life in Kashmir is more and more tattered and sugar-coated by compensations. India has overused the word ‘compensation’ that it has become repulsive to Kashmiris. The word has assumed pessimist overtones and the feeling this word intends to arouse is missing in this part of society. Our imaginations cannot reach its Oxford or Cambridge meaning.

In a recent move by the state police, a drug de-addiction center in Kashmir was launched, where addicts are de-addicted, both biologically and psychologically. For the last few years, there has been an upsurge in drug addiction, more and more people take refuge to this as the tyranny of Indian brutality escalates. An animal, newly brought in, of zoo does develop abnormal metabolism that is cured by proper medicine. Moreover, when it overcomes, it finds itself facing the same cage. However, with time acclimatization balances everything. Unfortunately, Kashmiris, who have been treated and thought of the same, have been recurrently showing such abnormalities and denial to acclimatize. This has brought frenzy to authorities. And the transition, from the consciousness of desire, i.e. to subdue the resistance, and time it is fulfilled, is acutely chaotic.  The mental trauma or unrest, which the unfulfilled dream shoots in, creates havoc, more profoundly when the subject is armed and powered.

There is a vicious cycle; the tyrant throws into addiction, assists in de-addiction, and then throws again into addiction. In the post-2010 uprising, the life of Kashmiri will be tied along the three stages of this cycle. The oppressor will not lower its oppressions but the oppressed will be mentally trained to elevate the tolerance. To witness killings, molestations, injustice; but to make it a part of life, happening occasionally just the change in weather. People will be tortured and will be taught how not to brood over it.

One of my friends used to say, neurotically, that cloning should be made legal in Kashmir, as sufferings of people would alleviate by their cloned relatives replacing the killed and disappeared. ‘Well it could be a viable option for India to pursue for it instead for the permanent membership of UNO’ I would reply while capturing the imagination of compensation.

As the summer is approaching, so are memories. Memories of harassment, subversions, and killings of innocent. In addition, the memory of Shopian girls, fake encounters and false promises of parliamentary delegation and eye wash of Interlocutors. In parallel, the state run anti-dissent machinery is being lubricated vigorously. This summer will be of strangulations and bawling. And I hope this summer brings, although miraculously, peace and prosperity to Kashmir, finally.

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