Zenaira Bakhsh

Srinagar’s locked Sunday market makes vendors furious

Last year, 35-year-old Farooq Ahmad Gojri purchased a consignment of clothes that he intended to sell throughout the year, at Kashmir’s famed weekly flea market, locally called the Sunday...

Economy of Dal Lake is dying

A brief conversation with the lake’s residents reveals the catastrophic changes caused by a year of clampdown and lockdown due to the August 2019 decisions and the COVID-19 pandemic respectively. But is this the end of Dal Lake's economy as we know it?

Srinagar’s famed Shaitan Waaz’e fears the end is near

The Khan family has lived up to the reputation, passing on these “supernatural” skills down the generations. Groomed to head the family business since childhood, Mr. Khan is today the fifth generation waaz’e to head the team of the devils dedicated to the art of making the wazwan.

“What will we do now?”: With SHG scheme abolished, J-K engineers face bleak future

Since the abolition of the SHG scheme, Mr. Bashir said he has been constantly thinking about his future. “I left a good job outside Kashmir and came back home for employment but it was of no use,” he said. 

Militarisation and moral policing: Loss of recreational spaces takes toll on Kashmiri women

The constant pressure caused by either moral policing or militarization has left her not only constricted to her home but has also affected her mental well-being, pushing her to overthink every time before doing things.

“Life has suddenly changed”: Pandemic worsens woes for visually impaired

Thirty-four-year-old Mudasir Andrabi was born visually impaired. Life had been difficult and he remained dependent on family friends to assist him as he went about his daily routine. But...