Shefali Rafiq

Shefali Rafiq is a Trainee Reporter at The Kashmir Walla.

Jailed ‘Engineer’ Rashid’s peculiar politics draws voters

“I would always see my parents talking about [Rashid]. I have very high regard for him. Even though he is not here, I want to cast my vote for his candidate to prove my allegiance.”

“Does anyone follow protocols?”: Elections in Kashmir amid COVID-19 pandemic

In the ongoing elections amid the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and other prevention protocols have taken a backseat as priorities have shifted to politics.

Life inside a 40-hour long Cordon and Search Operation in Kashmir

“He’s a kid. He would collect these [bullet cartridges] with other kids just to play with them. But they don’t care. They can even kill a kid for keeping those.”

In Kashmir, women vote but men decide

The government has reserved more seats for women, among other social categories, instilling hope among many women voters. However, empowerment in the real sense is still distant.

In Kashmir’s DDC polls, women candidates bring hope to some

After the reservation of seats for women had compelled political parties to field women, candidates are hopeful that a woman head of the DDC would better understand and solve their problems. 

Kashmiri man missing in Gurgaon, police say he is “mentally disturbed”

A youth from south Kashmir’s Pulwama district has been missing from the National Capital Region (NCR) since 26 November 2020, according to the family. The youth was a computer...