Anis Wani

Anis Wani is a Graphic Journalist at The Kashmir Walla. He has Bachelors in Fine Arts from University of Kashmir.

A mountain resident battling to sustain

Life of a man from Gujjar community battling to sustain his family amid the lack of opportunities while the world is fighting a pandemic.

Living through the pandemic as doctors

"We have become helpless and it is exhausting but we have no choice... The sounds haunt me, sounds like rolling of an oxygen cylinder."

A tale of Kashmir’s economic distress amid lockdowns

Since August 2019, Jammu and Kashmir has been hardly able to function normally. Amid the political instability and the pandemic, Kashmiris are battling to survive economic distress.

Nightmares of childhood bullying: Trauma, fear that lingers on

Mursaleen lives in downtown Srinagar and had a rough childhood -- growing up he had to deal with bullies, both at his school and in his colony. "I lived in constant fear because no place was safe for me."

Of forgotten probes and hinging lives in Kashmir

In more than three decades of conflict in Kashmir, human rights violations have led to thousands of probes and investigations. Among them hardly a few have given justice to the victims' families, who continue to fight for justice.

Kashmir: Navigating the valley of checkpoints

Though, the government forces’ bunkers and concertina wires have dotted the landscape for decades, their existence has been more pronouncedly felt since the abrogation of Article 370 and the subsequent clampdowns. Today, the map of Srinagar and the memory of its residents has been altered as Kashmir has been turned into a maze of checkpoints.