A Kashmiri Woman replies to CPA


By Asima Nazki

This is about the recent “Kashmiri Women Solidarity” drama in Delhi by Center for Policy Analysis (CPA) group. To the conveners with their politically motivated decontextualized recommendations that became public last week.Let me tell you, this is no service to Kashmir and its ailments. As a Kashmiri woman I am seething. This is a subversive game plan which is aimed at nothing but decontextualizing Kashmir issue. It is the pseudo-feminism, where women try to build bridges with women, negating why is it happening? How are the men placed and what do they think? I might be accused of suppressing gender solidarity, the woman’s voice (hah) but this women-women thing is a fig-leaf, and it did not work in the West and now its import in India, serves only securing a nationalistic interest and nothing more. Sorry feminism of this sort!

We need honest solidarity not support (we have enough strength) from women not the one which tries to cash into gender biases, which are an issue everywhere and not just in Kashmir. I do not wish Kashmir to be made into an issue of Kashmiri women “for some vague-in-air recommendations that will solve Kashmir”. We need to solve Kashmir for its women and for its men too. We have non-hegemonic masculinities in Kashmir; we had a handful of militants, the rest of our men were made into a helpless mass of humiliation and death. So the ones who are pitting our women against our men are nothing but traitors and are the ones who have made careers on Kashmiri blood.

Stop behaving as if you love Kashmiri women more than their own brethren. If you want go ask for justice for Asiya and Neelofar. Get justice to every single mother like Jana Begum. Every mother like Parveena Ahangar. Get justice for Mughli. Stop using token women from Kashmir to front your protest. They are innocent victims who have become your meal-ticket. Shame on you!

This protest will do nothing for us, not even raise awareness. This is nothing but an eye wash and a ton of funding for the conveners and of course a shot at any prizes that will be given for peace and conflict negotiation. I just find myself thinking what would Arundhati Roy think about this event.

The above piece was shared by the author on Facebook first and has been published here in verbatim form,except a few minor changes . The views and comments are authors own.

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