Woman who died due to coronavirus refused cremation by Delhi crematorium, alleges family

The family members of a 68-year-old woman in Delhi, who died due to the novel coronavirus, has alleged that authorities at the Nigambodh cremation ground have refused to cremate the woman, IndiaToday reported.

On Saturday, a day after the  woman’s death, the family said they had taken the body to the cremation ground when they were turned away.

The family from Janakpuri said they even spoke to the Nigambodh Ghat head who asked them to take the body to some other place for cremation.

The woman who also suffered from diabetes and hypertension had tested positive for the novel coronavirus or Covid-19 after her son returned to India with a travel history abroad.

The health ministry said on Friday that her death was caused due to co-morbidity (diabetes and hypertension), adding she had tested positive for Covid-19. The woman was admitted in Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.

According to experts the body of a coronavirus victim remains contaminated as the virus is still in the body.

Dr Umesh Varma, gastroenterologist and hepatologist of Arogya Hospital in Delhi said, “The body remains contaminated as the virus is still in the body. People who are handling the bodies for last rites will be vulnerable. As the ghats are crowded with people, they are vulnerable to the virus.”

Meanwhile, it has been reported after the news was broadcast on Aaj Tak, the Nigambodh Ghat authorities cremated the body in a CNG facility under the strict vigilance of experts from Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.

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